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[Update: Now in Stable] Chrome OS multiple account support is live on the Canary channel

Last September, we told you about an upcoming Chrome OS feature that would allow you to log in multiple Google accounts at once. The skeleton of the feature was there, but it didn't work. For the past months, I've been peeking inside my Pixelbook's settings searching for it and getting disappointed time after time. Well, today brings that wait to an end. Multiple account support is live in the latest Chrome OS Canary version.

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Instagram lets users post to multiple accounts, but only on iOS for now

Instagram influencers will tell you, that life is hard. If they maintain several accounts with different scopes and specializations, it's easy to switch between one and the other, but it's not easy to post common photos and videos to more than one. They'd have to do it from scratch for each. However, that might be changing as some users on iOS have started noticing the option to share their post to other accounts they own.

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Multiple users now supported on Google Home in the UK

When multi-user support launched for the Google Home back in April, the functionality was made available only in the US with the UK said to be "coming soon" in the next months. Now the wait should be over and multi-user support should be live in the UK as well.

A couple of Google Home support pages have been updated from, "This functionality is only available in the US. It will be coming to the UK soon," to, "This functionality is only available in the U.S. and the U.K." (As we've come to discover, for Google this means it's available for those who have set US English or UK English as their default language, so it's reliant on the language and not on where exactly you are and will thus work in other countries too.)

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Android N Feature Spotlight: Android TV Has A New Look For The Settings App And Now Supports Multiple Accounts

Android N will be responsible for some big changes to phones and tablets, but that doesn't mean there aren't going to be some interesting things happening to the Android TV platform, as well. Installing the developer preview images onto a Nexus Player reveals some welcome improvements to the look and behavior of the Settings app, including a new visual layout and support for multiple accounts.

New Design for Settings


Left: previous version. Right: Android N Preview.

The Settings app has been given an entirely new look. Say goodbye to multiple rows of tiles, they've been replaced by a single column that looks very similar to the regular Settings app on phones or tablets, except it's anchored to the right side of the screen.

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Facebook Messenger's Multiple Accounts Are Official On Android, Privacy Features Included

Earlier this month, we reported the news that Facebook seemed to be testing multiple account support in its Messenger application on Android. The feature had been turned on for beta testers and some non-beta testers as well, likely to iron out some quirks and bugs before being officially rolled out to everyone.

Now Facebook is ready to make the feature available for all. The Messenger team announced that multiple accounts are now live on Android under Settings > Accounts, and explained that this should make it easier for multiple members of the same family to use a single device to access all of their chats.

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Sonos 5.2 Beta Update Introduces Multi-Account Support, PLAYBAR Sound Enhancements, And More

Sonos has introduced the ability to manage multiple accounts, so people with music streaming to the sound system throughout their house no longer have to share a single login. This lets everyone in the family or a full set of roommates each utilize Sonos in their own way.

1 5 2

This feature isn't rolling out as a stable update just yet. To get your hands on multi-account support as soon as possible, you will need to sign up for the beta.

If you do, this won't be the only new feature waiting for you. Version 5.2 comes with PLAYBAR sound enhancements, which Sonos promises will lead to a richer audio experience.

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Twitter For Android Gets Update, Now Supports Multiple Accounts And Push Notifications

Finally, after many months of waiting, the official Twitter client for Android has received an update that adds some long-awaited functionality, like push notifications and the ability to seamlessly transition between multiple accounts.

You can enable push notifications by heading into the Settings menu and tapping "automatic refresh," then selecting the type of updates that you want to notified of.

android-screenshot-4b android-screenshot-5b

The update also brings about "a bunch of other improvements and bug fixes" according to the official Twitter blog.

You can grab the update now from the Android Market, or by hitting the widget below.

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Google Plus Android App Updated To 1.0.2, Now Handles Multiple Gmail Accounts Properly

A small update to the Google+ Android app, which is quickly becoming one of the top apps I use every day, was released a few minutes ago. The update mostly resolves login issues for those with multiple Gmail accounts (we've heard many of you complain about not being able to sign in because of that). Other additions include a new "spiffy" profile icon and UI polish.

Grab the update in the Market if you already have access to Plus, and if you don't, feel free to drop your name and email in this post. We'll try to mass invite once Google allows it again (the workaround that many of you pointed out doesn't work for mass invites, and I'm not about to manually invite 4500+ people on the list :-].

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