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Android N Developer Preview 3 Allows Side By Side Chrome Windows In Multi-Window Mode

Confession: as a web writer who has to constantly research new stories, keep an eye on social networks, stay in contact with my coworkers, and see if that jerk on eBay has outbid me for the LEGO T-rex from the Dino Defense HQ set, I often have dozens and dozens of Chrome tabs open on my desktop by the end of the day. That sort of wanton disregard for computer memory doesn't really translate over to mobile, where the single screen limits multitasking to a certain degree. But Google is going to enable my bad habits on Android phones and tablets soon: in the third developer preview of Android N, users can open Chrome windows side by side.

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[Update: Video No Longer Goes Black On Android N Split Screen] YouTube v11.13 Adds Video Title, Channel, And Total Views To The Player Overlay [APK Download]

Google seems to be on a rampage of updates with small tweaks and adjustments to a number of apps. I like to think of it as polish. YouTube in particular has been flying through minor version bumps, the latest of which seems to include just a single visual adjustment to the player screen. Tap on the screen while a video is playing and the overlay now contains the current video's title, the channel it's from, and the total number of views it has acquired thus far.

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TinyCam Monitor Adds Support For Android N's Multi-Window Mode, Plus New Options and More In Version 6.6

Web-accessible cameras don't need much in terms of bells and whistles, but that doesn't mean you can't have them all the same. That seems to be the development direction behind TinyCam, one of the most popular IP camera viewers on the Play Store. The latest update adds some API strings that make it more compatible with the experimental multi-window mode everyone's raving about in Android N. That should be extremely handy for watching your front door and browsing Android Police at the same time.

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