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3rd gen Chromecast launches in Germany and India, multi-room audio said to be coming to older models

The third-generation Chromecast was announced along with the Pixel 3, though it was introduced without much fanfare: a simple blog post was enough and there was no mention of it during the press conference. That makes sense because it doesn't differ a lot from the second-gen Chromecast, beside offering multi-room audio. Twelve countries were said to be having it at first, but two more just joined in: Germany and India.

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Chromecast Audio Gets Multi-Room Streaming, Higher-Resolution Playback In New Update [APK Download]

Google announced that multi-room audio is finally available for the Chromecast Audio dongle today, after several months of waiting. The new feature allows you to simultaneously cast the same audio to as many CC Audios as you have on your network. You can create groups of dongles specifically, too, which then appear on the Chromecast app for any compatible device.

The update also adds support for 96KHz/24-bit lossless audio playback, which is important for those in the audio community concerned with larger, higher numbers that are ostensibly significant in terms of quality. If you don't know what those numbers really mean, trust me - you don't need to care.

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