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gReader RSS Reader Gets Its First Update In Eight Months, With Chrome Custom Tabs, UI Improvements, LG Multi-Window Support, And More

Since the fall of Google Reader and the rise of Feedly as its de facto replacement, gReader has risen to become one of the best options for RSS reading on the Play Store. That said, it's been quite a while since the app was significantly updated, or updated at all: before today, the last time the app was touched was back in August of last year. But today's update bumps it up to version 4.3.0 and adds quite a bit of new content, notably tweaks to the user interface, settings menu, and a host of bug fixes.

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Samsung Shows Off The Upcoming Premium Suite-Enhanced Jelly Bean Update For The Note 10.1

When Samsung first launched the Note 10.1, it had some really solid ideas, but didn't do so well with the implementation. Soon after, the company released the the Note II, which improved on how it handled a lot of things that seemed to miss the mark on the Note 10.1 - namely multi-window, which allows more than one application to be run side-by-side.

Good news, though - Sammy just released a video that highlights the upcoming Premium Suite features that will be part of the Jelly Bean update, and it looks like they made a pretty major overhaul to multi-window.

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Sprint Galaxy Note II Gets Its First OTA Update (Build L900VPALJC), Brings Multi-Window And More

Note II early adopters on the Now Network, time to head into the Settings menu and check for updates - Sprint just announced a new OTA is rolling out for its iteration of the phablet. This update brings a few meh changes, like GPS lock setting enhancements, email fixes, and improved text message notifications while talking on the phone. But it also brings one major feature: Multi-Window. It's good to see this feature start rolling out to U.S. handsets, as it's been on the Korean and International versions for several weeks now.

Start around the two-minute mark to see Multi-Window in action.

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[Updated] Samsung Shows Off More Of What The Note II Can Do, Including Its Awesome New Multi-Window Interface [Video]

Samsung has really been talking up the Note II lately. For good reason, too - it looks pretty amazing. While they have already showed off some of its more notable features, a new video of the Korean version is now available on YouTube highlighting a few features that we haven't seen before, like multi-window. Start around the two-minute mark below to catch it in action.

Pretty amazing, no? It's like they took everything Ron hated about the Note 10.1's "multitasking" feature and fixed it. They split-screen several different apps here - some proprietary, some not. GTalk makes an appearance (including a video-chat no less), as well as S Note, the stock browser, messaging, and a few more.

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