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[Update: Nightly Preview] Firefox will switch to a faster 4-week release cycle in 2020

Browser development cycles have significantly risen over the last decade, ever since Chrome entered the market with its major version updates every six weeks. Mozilla quickly followed suit to offer rapid releases with brand-new Firefox versions coming every six to eight weeks. The company has decided to step up its game and plans to release major updates every four weeks starting in 2020.

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Mozilla's new Fenix browser comes to the Play Store as a limited beta [APK Download]

Firefox on Android hasn't seen much development as of late, but for a good reason. Mozilla is working on Fenix, its brand new browser for the platform with new tab management, a faster engine, and a more modern look (including dark mode). Now, the company has released a limited beta (or more correctly, nightly) of the app to the Play Store, and we've got the corresponding APK for you.

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Firefox Aurora arrives on the Play Store in "unreleased" state

For a couple of years, Firefox Aurora, the developer edition of the popular browser, has only been available directly from Mozilla. As of today, Aurora has landed on the Play Store, in early access (i.e. unreleased) form. This is presumably because it's unstable and not meant to be used by the general public, and only by those interested in what's coming soon or building the web. Regardless, it is always good to see things in development that will later be deployed to the public version of Firefox, which is currently on v49.

I've been trying to find out when Mozilla first released Aurora for Android, but the best I've found is v29.0a2, made available on February 7 2014.

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Mozilla Releases Firefox for Android Beta v46 With The Ability To Display Cached Webpages While Offline And Other Refinements

Much like Chrome releases, Mozilla's updates for Firefox are rarely mindblowing. Instead, we get a constant stream of smaller changes that slowly but surely upgrade all aspects of the user experience. The latest beta release for Firefox, v46, falls right in line with this pattern. The highlight of the update is that the browser will display recently visited webpages even when you are offline, using data stored in cache.

You don't need to do anything in particular to get the offline webpage feature going; if Firefox has it cached, it will display instead of the typical error messages you get when trying to browse offline.

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Firefox Updated To v41 With Easy Multi-Provider Search From Address Bar, Ability To Search Your Saved Logins, Duplicate Bookmark Detection, And More

Mozilla advances another version in their rapid release cycle today, moving the stable version of Firefox for Android (and desktops) to v41. Unlike some other recent releases, this one has several goodies for regular users. These include a modification to in-browser search that makes it more like using the dedicated search bar in desktop Firefox, offering an easy tap-to-choose selection of different search providers.


To be honest, I think this is a lot more useful on mobile than it is on the desktop. The moments, taps, and typing saved are a lot more precious when using your phone.

Another highlight is the ability to search your saved logins when there are no matches.

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Firefox Stable Release Is Updated To v40 With Tweaked Forward/Back Navigation, Better Malware Protection, And Other Minor Improvements

Keeping to their normal rapid release schedule, Mozilla published v40 of the stable release of Firefox to the Play Store today. The biggest user-facing change in the update is one that was also present in the beta version of v40, allowing you to long press the forward or back buttons to see a list of your recently visited pages. Here's a quick look at how that works:


This is the sort of thing that only catches your attention when there aren't any other major changes, but this is one of those times. I don't think mobile browsers generally make going back very easy and sometimes the system back button isn't ideal when you plan to go back multiple pages.

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