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MoviePass competitor Sinemia now starts at $4.99 per month, but with caveats

By giving more than 2 million customers a way to see multiple movies in theaters each month at a discounted price, MoviePass is disrupting the cinema industry in a big way. While not nearly as much of a household name, Sinemia is vying to do the same. With new subscription plans starting at lower prices and boasting features that its rival doesn't offer, Sinemia may seem like an appealing alternative — and it may be for some types of moviegoers. But as is typically the case, the devil is in the details.

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MoviePass makes deal to acquire Moviefone

MoviePass has acquired Moviefone in a deal between the two services' parent companies, according to a press release. Moviefone got its start in the pre-internet days of 1989, providing information about movies and their showtimes via a toll-free phone number. The dial-in service was shuttered in 2014, but Moviefone has continued to provide showtime and ticket services via its mobile app and website.

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[Deal Alert] MoviePass offering annual subscription at $6.95 per month for a limited time (regularly $9.95/month)

If there's one certainty in life, it's that movie tickets will keep getting more expensive. If you're willing to adjust your habits slightly, MoviePass can save you some cash. This app-based cinema subscription service usually costs about $10 per month for up to one movie every day, but for a limited time, you can get it for just $6.95 per month. There are some caveats, but that's a good deal.

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MoviePass announces new annual plan, costs nearly as much as monthly plan but includes a free year of Fandor

If you're a frequent patron of your local cinemas, you've likely heard of MoviePass, the service that gives you a movie theater ticket a day (with restrictions, of course) for a monthly cost. If you haven't heard of the service before or aren't generally interested in enduring the inconveniences involved with going to a theater, maybe this will pique your interest: MoviePass has just announced a new annual plan that works out to a slight savings of $0.34 a month. MoviePass is disingenuously claiming this new plan works out to $7.95 per month, but the $19.95 processing fee pushes it up to $9.61 a month.

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[Deal Alert] Costco offers MoviePass + Fandor 12-month subscription for $89.99 (50% off)

Whether you're a devotee of independent cinema or a casual movie-goer, Costco has a great deal that will keep you or someone on your last-minute gift list entertained for the next year. Until January 10, 2018, Costco members can grab the Movie Lovers Package, combining one-year subscription to two great movie services, MoviePass and Fandor, for just $89.99.

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MoviePass cut its unlimited subscription plan to $9.95/month

MoviePass is a service that allows cinema fans to go to as many films as they want at almost any theater. While a tempting offer, it used to cost $50/month, which was not accessible to all moviegoers. However, the company has announced via its blog that it is implementing a new, universal unlimited subscription plan for just $9.95 per month.

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MoviePass Releases Its Android App, Allows Theater Addicts To Track Movies, Perks And More

MoviePass sounds like a pretty fantastic service for movie buffs. Pay a set fee every month, and you can go to the theater as much as you would like (with a fairly lengthy list of caveats). It's Netflix, but for all the movies that are out now. While it wouldn't be of much interest to the casual viewer who might only see one or two flicks a year, the avid viewer could save tons of money. What's a sweet subscription without an Android app to go along with it, though?

moviepass1 moviepass2 moviepass3

Most of the functions of this app can probably already be performed by your theater app of choice, however being able to look up listings that only include participating locations is a handy filter to have.

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