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This app gives you free access to tons of movies via your local library

All of us know about Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and even totally free streaming options like Pluto TV. But did you know there's an app specifically dedicated to letting you stream tons of your local library's video catalog? You may not be heading the library for movies these days (if your library is even open), but Kanopy is the perfect solution to either the physical media or COVID-closure dilemma, and you might be surprised by what you can find there. Independent films, obscure documentaries, and long-lost oddities await you, along with a slew of classic movies rarely available on traditional streaming services.

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Google Photos movie creations are now always in portrait mode for some reason

If you recently tried to create a movie via Google Photos and got a portrait only result, even though all the videos you've added were shot horizontally, you're not alone. It looks like Photos is preventing people from creating horizontal movies. The app is instead always opting for a vertical layout with black bars at the top and the bottom.

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How to rip your movie collection to watch anywhere

Physical media has its time and its place, but in the era of ultra-fast home Wi-Fi and high-res smartphones and tablets, a Blu-Ray or DVD basically makes no sense for a lot of the ways we now consume content. While ripping your collection of discs to digital can be time-consuming and comes with a real cost (disk space), going through the trouble can get you something Netflix can't: permanent, go-anywhere access to your complete media collection that no one can take away.

In this guide, we'll show you how to get started ripping your DVDs and Blu-Rays, stripping the DRM protection, and converting them into more space-friendly and watchable formats for all of your devices.

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Play Movies rentals for popular films start at $0.99 this weekend

This weekend is apparently "Ultimate Movie Weekend," meaning that digital rentals from studios like Lionsgate, Paramount, Sony, Universal, and Warner Bros are being discounted to as low as $0.99. A ton of films have been slashed to $0.99, $1.99, or $2.99, but you'll have to hurry — these prices are only valid until June 3.

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How to Google all the streaming services that have a movie or TV series

It's been over a year since the Google Play Store added a handy — and selfless — feature where it would tell you which online streaming services had the movie or TV series you were looking for. Perhaps you didn't want to buy them on Play Movies and preferred to watch them on Netflix for which you already have a subscription, or perhaps you wanted to watch something but didn't know which services had it. That same feature began surfacing inside Google Search a few months ago, but seems to now be rolling out more widely and to many more countries.

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You can now access Google Play Movies content via Google Home

Google Home can start playback of video content from plenty of streaming services like Netflix and HBO. This has been a thing since shortly after Home launched, but Google's own Play Movies platform was not included for some reason. After getting some hints last week that the feature would arrive, it's now official.

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'Smiles of 2017' video collage rolling out in Google Photos

The holidays give us a lot of reasons to smile. With Google Photos, you can even make sure that every one of those happy moments is saved and backed up online. And now you can enjoy looking back at all those happy moments over the last year in a new "Smiles of 2017" movie. 

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[Still no Google Play Movies] Crackle is the newest video service partner for Google Home

It's getting ridiculous at this point. Google Home has been available for over a year and despite the slow initial rollout of video services, things have picked up with Netflix being joined by CBS, HBO NOW, YouTube TV, CW, and most recently Viki. Now there's another one joining the fold of video partners and, no, again, it is not Google Play Movies. It's Crackle.

Crackle is an online streaming service owned by Sony and, according to Wikipedia, it is available in 21 countries. It's free and ad-supported, and it features original content as well as movies and TV shows from partners such as Miramax, MGM, Universal Studios, The Walt Disney Company, and more.

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[Update: Get your movie while it's hot] Deal alert: Amityville: The Awakening will launch exclusively on Google Play on October 12 for free

Following the exclusive launch of Peter Dinklage's Rememory on Play Movies, Google doesn't seem to be slowing down and is already at it with another exclusive for its movies and TV service. This time, forget the drama, we're full on horror/thriller/gore with Amityville: The Awakening.

I am not a fan of the genre — I have one heart, why torture it by watching this stuff? — so I had to watch the trailer with one and a half eyes closed.

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Fandango adds Android Pay support, all purchases are $3 off this month when you use it

The Fandango app for Android isn't very good. It's just a web wrapper for the most part, and half the time when I try to buy tickets, the purchase times out and I have to try again. But now, there's one major reason to use it over the mobile site - Android Pay.

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