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Google Drive Gets Cross App File Searches And Easier Organization Of Files On The Web

Google Drive keeps getting small incremental improvements on the Web and on mobile platforms to enhance the experience for anyone who uses it regularly or semi-regularly to create, edit, and share files. The team has just announced two such small changes that, for now, are coming to Google Drive on the Web.

First, search is getting easier and cross app. Whether you're in Docs, Sheets, or Slides, typing a new search term will not only look for a document of the corresponding type, but across all of your Drive. This will make the experience more consistent if you're editing a couple of related documents and presentations for example and don't what to manually hop over from Docs to Slides to work on the file.

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Pushbullet Adds Group Texting Support And Ability To Switch Drives While Using Remote Drive [APK Download]

Pushbullet added two small, but useful, new features this morning. First, replying to group SMS from a computer or tablet is now (finally) supported. In a small gesture of holiday goodwill, Pushbullet won't count group SMS messages against the 100 message limit for non-paying users for the rest of the month.


Group texting is now available through Pushbullet's Chrome extension, Windows desktop app, and Pushbullet's website. Support for Safari, Opera, and Firefox is coming soon. Replying to group texts also requires a phone running Android 5.0 and above.

The second change Pushbullet added this morning pertains to the new remote files feature that was added earlier this month.

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