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The Movado Connect 2.0 is a premium Wear OS watch, available for pre-order starting at $500

Google's Wear OS platform isn't in the best shape these days, but there are still ample choices if you want to have Google on your wrist. You can even spend an obscene amount of money on a Google-powered smartwatch like the new Movado Connect 2.0. It starts at $495 (slightly cheaper than the first-gen), but Movado is notable for being one of the few non-Fossil companies still working with Wear OS.

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Movado Connect, the latest high-fashion entrant into the world of Android Wear, available for $595

Some people genuinely dig a busy aesthetic. They like extra buttons, markings, numbers, exposed screws, added angles, lines, etc. If you are precisely not that kind of person, then Movado's latest Android Wear device is probably to your liking. The Movado Connect is one of the most minimal wearables in recent memory, and right now you can even buy one starting at $595.

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Comparison: All of the Android Wear devices announced or released in 2017 so far

Android Wear started off, as many Google products do, as something closer to a proof-of-concept than a finished product. The first watches had problems, the software was unfinished, and tech companies were the only ones producing them. Now that Android Wear is becoming a more mature platform, mostly thanks to the long-awaited 2.0 update, we're starting to see more watches than ever hit the market.

It was fairly easy to compare Android Wear watches in years past - only a handful of tech companies even bothered. But now, a vast amount of wearables are being released, with most of them by actual watch companies.

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Watchmaker Movado announces the Connect, coming this fall for $495

The minimalist American watchmaker Movado announced a few weeks ago it was going to release an Android Wear watch, but it neglected to offer up any pictures of the device. Now it's officially unveiled. The Movado Connect looks exactly how you'd expect a smartwatch from Movado to look.

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Watchmaker Movado announces Android Wear support, at least one model coming this fall for around $500

Wearables aren't exactly tearing up the mobile landscape like they were two years ago, but Google still seems to be all-in on its Android Wear platform. And surprisingly, the company is apparently bringing in interest from conventional watchmakers. Movado, a Swiss-American watchmaker known for simple and elegant luxury designs, has announced that it will have at least one Android Wear model later this year. Movado Connect will launch in the fall running Android Wear 2.0.

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