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Motorola's design chief leaves after 12 years at company

Jim Wicks, head of design at Motorola Mobility for the past twelve years (that's serious dedication in the tech biz), has left the company according to Crain's Chicago Business. Wicks' official title - Senior Vice President of Consumer Experience Design - makes it seem clear he likely had substantial roles in approving things like Moto Maker, an initiative that provided Motorola customers an unprecedented level of control over the personalization of the physical look and feel of their smartphones.

According to Crain's, Wicks will be replaced by a long-time Motorola designer who also ran Lenovo's MBG (Mobile Business Group) Design Studio, Ruben Castano.

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[MWC 2014] Motorola Discusses Future Smartwatch, New Moto X, Fast Updates, And More At Q&A Event

Motorola Mobility held a Q&A session at Mobile World Congress today, and while there wasn't much in the way of spectacle to coincide with the event, there were quite a few substantive announcements. For starters, the company is working on a watch that will be available some time this year. This won't be the first thing Motorola's tried to strap onto our wrists, but the company says style and battery life are two things it intends to address, and it would prefer to create a piece of jewelry rather than ugly tech. There's a chance this prototype could be an early version of the watch, but by now the company may be pursing a new concept entirely.

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Motorola Confirms Android 4.4 For DROID Mini, Ultra, Maxx, And Moto X

This afternoon, Motorola's Punit Soni shared a post on Google+ to follow up on the company's earlier "more to share soon..." post. Soni's post pointed users toward Motorola Mobility's online upgrade checking interface, which tells users whether or not their Motorola device will be receiving any planned updates.

The tool now confirms that Android 4.4 KitKat will be coming to the Moto X along with the DROID Mini, Ultra, and Maxx.


image image image

Of course, the site mentions nothing about a timeline, but does have the option to sign up for email alerts for when the updates do become available.

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Punit Soni, Motorola Mobility's VP Of Product, Promises To Deliver On Every Promise Moto Makes Moving Forward

It's no secret Motorola has left a bad taste in customers' mouths over the last couple of years. Cancelled OS updates and broken promises have understandably left many owners vowing never to buy a Moto product again. Who can blame them, really – when purchasing a device, it's not unreasonable to expect good support moving forward. Unfortunately, that's just not something Motorola has been able to deliver on in the past.

Of course, when Google officially acquired Motorola Mobility back in May of 2012, we all hoped that would turn the tables for ol' Moto. Naturally, speculation ran wild – rumors of Motorola Nexuses and pure, stock Android devices were all over the Android community.

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Motorola Files New Lawsuit In Florida, Seeks Injunction Against iPhone 4S And iCloud

Adding another suit to the series of legal skirmishes falling under the overarching battle between Apple and Android Manufacturers, Motorola Mobility has filed a new lawsuit in Florida, accusing Apple of infringing on a handful of technology patents. This suit is hot on the heels of a preliminary U.S. ITC decision that Moto had not infringed on Apple's patents, and comes as an addition to an existing Florida lawsuit (which began in late 2010).

The suit includes six patents, ranging from internal antennas to methods for communicating summarized data. Here's a full list, courtesy of FOSS Patents, who first broke the story:

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Motorola Vows Dedication To Android, But Does Not Deny That They Are Developing An OS

A few days ago we reported that Motorola may be working on their own OS due to frustrations with Android fragmentation, lack of Google support, and most importantly, difficulty in developing a standout device in an Android-saturated market.

In an attempt to clarify this, Motorola spokeswoman Kira Golin told that "Motorola Mobility is dedicated to Android." But, in an almost condescending manner, she went on to say, "That's our statement, and I can't control how you interpret or print it."

Naturally, there are a few things that bother me about this statement, the first being the fact that they did not deny the existence of an alternate OS.

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Motorola Readies A More Secure Android Platform For The Corporate World


Motorola Mobility has revealed to InfoWorld that it is working with the newly acquired start-up 3LM (Three Laws Mobility) to fill the security gaps in the Android platform and create a more secure smartphone OS.

The BlackBerry has been the traditional smartphone of choice for executives, with the iPhone making slow inroads. However, the Android platform has never found love in the corporate world due mainly to its open and insecure nature, perceived or otherwise. There has not really been any effective application or tool that allows the device to be fully secured.

According to InfoWorld, 3LM will create APIs for the Android platform that will "add missing security and management capabilities at the OS level, so that the entire device can be managed via policies by mobile device management tools".

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