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Motorola Connect Update Lets You Change The Moto 360's Charging Color And Sport Several New Watch Faces


The Motorola Connect app isn't required to use a Moto 360, but it's what you need to install in order to tweak some of the device's default watch faces.

The latest update adds four more to the list, along with the ability to change the color of the smartwatch's charging screen from the default blue. There are five to choose from altogether: blue, red, green, purple, and yellow.

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Motorola Connect Update Adds Watchface Customization Shortcut To Android Wear App

The Motorola Connect app isn't required to get use out of your Moto 360, but it is if you want to customize any of those watchfaces that come pre-installed on the device. The latest update doesn't remove that restriction, but it does allow you to hop straight to the tweaking stage from the Android Wear app directly. Take a look.

Screenshot_2015-01-09-16-19-32 Screenshot_2015-01-09-16-32-22

Left: old, Right: new.

As you can see in the shots above, an entry titled "Settings" has appeared in the menu between "Set on watch" and "Hide on watch."

Clicking this option shoots you out to the same customization page you would go to by navigating through Motorola Connect directly, so it does little more than give you a choice in how you get there.

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Motorola Connect Update Adds Custom Watch Faces, Moto Body, And Support For A New 'Keylink' Accessory

Motorola started selling a few new color and band versions of the Moto 360 smartwatch this week, with more to come. At the same time a company representative promised new watch faces for existing users via a forthcoming update to the Motorola Connect app. That update seems to be here: version 2.02.21. In addition to faces added from the Motorola design competition back in June, the new app allows you to pick and choose colors and design elements for the default Motorola faces.

Screenshot_2014-11-08-09-58-40 Screenshot_2014-11-08-09-58-50 Screenshot_2014-11-08-09-59-00

The customized option is surprisingly deep: everything from the hands to the hour indicators can be customized, and you can enable or disable other features like the day and date.

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Motorola Connect App Updated With Support For The Moto 360 And Power Pack Micro, But It Has Some Compatibility Issues

Motorola has some new gadgets coming out soon that round out its consumer electronics lineup. You've probably heard of the Moto 360, which is speeding its way towards some of your mailboxes right now. Motorola also announced the Power Pack Micro, a portable battery pack/Bluetooth phone finder combo, along with the new models of the Moto X and Moto G. To make both of them work to their full potential, you'll need the new Motorola Connect app.

unnamed unnamed (2) unnamed (1)

Previously, Connect was an app that allowed you to get some of the functions of your recent Motorola phone on your computer, namely alerts for calls and a remote interface for text messages.

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