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Motorola Gives Its Camera App A Flat, Teal Icon In Latest Update

Motorola ships a mostly stock-looking build of Android on its devices, but it does pack in a few exclusive software tweaks. Exhibit A: Moto devices can load up the camera with a flick-to-launch gesture. Motorola ships its own app to make this possible, which until now came with the stock KitKat icon. Today Motorola has updated the app with a unique look of its own.

MotorolaCameraOld MotorolaCameraNew

Old, New.

The Motorola Camera's new icon is still clearly inspired by Google Camera's, borrowing from its flatter design and multicolored lens.

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Motorola Camera Users Can Now Take Photos Using Volume Keys Following The Latest App Update

Motorola has a reputation of late for making relatively few changes to the stock Android experience, but taking photos is one of the areas where the company has applied some of its own tender loving care. The app, which can activate with just a flick of the wrist, encourages users to take pictures by touching anywhere on the screen. Now those who would prefer a more tactile approach have that option as well.

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Motorola Releases Motorola Camera App On The Play Store, Only Works With The Moto X For Now

Seemingly following in Google's footsteps, Motorola has released one of its phones' core applications on the Play Store today, in the form of Motorola Camera. Unlike Google's apps, though, it doesn't seem likely the Motorola Camera app will be making its way onto non-Moto devices - it's only compatible with the Moto X.

Likely, the app is simply a way for Motorola to quickly update the camera software on its smartphones without having to develop its own app updating system, similar to the practice it began by putting Touchless Control on the Play Store.

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