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Android Auto coming to Honda Gold Wing motorcycles, following rollout on Harley-Davidson Touring bikes

Android Auto is in just about every new car and truck on the market today, but it has been absent from motorcycles — until now. Harley-Davidson announced that it is updating the 'Boom! Box GTS' infotainment system present on some of its motorcycles to support Android Auto.

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Google Maps two-wheelers mode spreads to Indonesia

There are many cities around the world where traffic is insane and getting around on a motorcycle is faster, more convenient for parking, and cheaper than buying and maintaining a car, not to mention the gas prices. But motorcycle drivers often don't really know which road to take on Google Maps: they're not cars but they're not bicycles either. Last December, Google Maps started rolling out a two-wheeler mode in India that helps motorcyclists find roads specifically tailored for them. Now the same mode is starting to show up for users in Indonesia.

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Google Maps v9.62 relocates layer modes to FAB and adds dedicated tab for videos, prepares enhanced commuting features and more [APK Teardown]

Google Maps is one of the most feature-packed apps in existence, and fitting everything into easily reachable places is a challenge that requires regular changes. The latest update to v9.62 makes a big move by pulling the layer modes out of the navigation drawer to place them in a new persistent FAB (floating action button) right on top of the map. Amonth many other things, this update also adds a dedicated tab for videos uploaded by the community. On the teardown side, there are signs of some more significant improvements coming for commuters, and much more.

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SBK15 Is A Motorcycle Racing Sim That Should Please Superbike Fans, But Skimps On Features

Developer Digital Tales has been hyping its latest Superbike game for a few weeks, and today it's finally been released on Google Play. SBK15 is a simulator in the general sense, and it tries to bring a feeling of realism to its motorcycle races. The tracks are based on real tracks, the bikes are based on real bikes, and the riders are licensed likenesses of world championship racers, complete with authentic sponsor logos plastered to their helmets.

And don't get me wrong, SBK16 definitely has some good points. The graphics are appealing without being too taxing, the sense of speed is decent, and the tilt controls actually make sense in the context of leaning into a curve.

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Awesome Land Is A Parallel Universe Where Mario Joined A Street Gang And Heads To The Acid Trip Kingdom

If you subscribe to the vastly-oversimplified concept of a multiverse, then you must believe that, given an infinite set of potential universes, all possible things can and must occur in at least one world parallel to our own. Which means that somewhere, on some alternate version of Earth, Super Mario Bros. stars a textured-yet-pixelated biker named Manley who is trying to track down his kidnapped motorcycle. Kidnapped, that is, by aliens.

To the game's credit, it's completely up front about what it is: "This retro platform game pays tribute to, and parodies, classics such as Super Mario Bros., CastleVania and Mega Man, in style!"

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