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[Deal Alert] Get a black 42mm Moto 360 2nd Gen for just $199.99 from Amazon ($100 off)

Even though it's over a year old now, the second-gen Moto 360 is still a competitive Android Wear smartwatch, especially since Moto announced it won't be releasing any new smartwatches this year. We've seen a few deals for various models of the 360 in the past few weeks, but none that were new in box have been this cheap before. Now, you can get a new, 42mm Moto 360 2nd Gen in black for just $199.99 on Amazon.

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Motorola posts Moto G4 Play kernel source code

If there's one thing Lenovorola (Motonovo?) has been consistently good at for its past few phones, it's releasing kernel source code quickly. The Moto G4 Play was made available for sale just last month, but its source code has already been published. This might be one of their quickest turnarounds yet.

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[Deal Alert] Get a free Moto Mod with the purchase of a Moto Z Droid or Z Force Droid

The response to Lenovo's new Moto Z Droid and Moto Z Force Droid has been mitigated at best. Most of us think they're good phones overall, but the wrong corners have been cut and the Mods strategy isn't convincing enough to sway the decision in their favor.

But if you were already thinking about buying one of these phones and didn't like the offers available from some sellers, there's a new one from Moto itself that might sway you. The company sent these promo codes to its customers through an email, but it's encouraging them to share with friends and relatives.

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[Deal Alert] Pick up an assortment of Aukey QC 2.0 chargers starting at 5 bucks after coupon

I know QC 3.0 is the hot new tech on the market right now, but, in reality, it is only incrementally better than the QC 2.0 technology that it is replacing. If you don't mind a small downgrade in speed, you can pick up the older generation chargers for a fraction of what those sporting QC 3.0 cost.

Aukey just sent me the links to a few coupons it is offering on some of its 'old' QC 2.0 chargers. It has a couple for use in the house and one for the car and all of them are heavily discounted. Here are the descriptions and links.

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This history of Motorola video is a must-watch

Whether you're a phone junkie or just a history buff, a recent video by game reviews YouTube channel Lazy Game Reviews is, in my humble opinion, must-watch material. LGR takes us through the history of Motorola from its progenitors in 1921 up to its eventual split and acquisition by Google, then Lenovo. But the winding road from car radios to smartphones is filled with stories of Motorola's great successes (and a few failures more recently) over the past 90-plus years, and I came away with some new tidbits of knowledge in the process.

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[Specs Comparison] Moto Z & Moto Z Force

Yesterday, the Moto Z and Moto Z Force were unveiled by the new owners of the Moto brand, Lenovo. The devices showcase some bold, if controversial, design choices. While they may be lacking headphone jacks, they are not lacking for power or top-notch specs worthy of their flagship designation.

To help you sort out the differences between the two, we've prepared this handy-dandy chart. Clean your glasses and turn up your screen brightness – it's specs ogling time.

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More Motorola Leaks: 'Style Mod' Replaceable Covers For The Moto X/Z And DROID Come In A Variety Of Materials

Like it or not, it's clear that Motorola's often-leaked upcoming batch of phones will be very different from the relatively straightforward designs in its current lineup. Previous leaks indicated that at least some of the models in the refreshed Moto X (or possibly Moto Z) and DROID series will have add-on modules called "MotoMod" that snap onto the back of the phone via a proprietary interface. It's a lot like the direction that LG is taking with its modular G5.

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Lenovo Tech World Is Happening June 9th With Project Tango Reveal And Maybe New Moto Hardware

Lenovo Tech World is taking place on June 9th in San Francisco. There wasn't much reason to care about Tech World last year, but this time there will be at least one big announcement. The company pre-announced its upcoming Tango phone at CES, and this is where we'll get the specifics. The website also mentions Moto, indicating we could get something official about the upcoming Motorola devices.

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[Deal Alert] Get A Customized Moto X Pure 16GB For $299, 32GB For $399 - $100 And $50 Off Respectively

Perhaps the deals we posted this morning on the 6P and 5X were a touch too Nexalicious for your taste. Are you of a more Mototastic persuasion? If you are, you'll be interested to know that the Moto X Pure is on sale today on Motorola's website. The 16GB model is a cool hundred bucks off, while the 32GB version is the recipient of a more modest $50 price cut.

These aren't just the basic black or white versions of the phone either, you can make any combination you would like with Moto Maker. There is still a premium charge of $25 for the wood and leather backs, but it's sweet to see the fully customized version of the phone for sale.

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[Deal Alert] Black Moto 360 Sport Temporarily Drops To $248 On Amazon - About $50 Off

The Moto 360 Sport is a lot like the standard second gen device, only with a silicone strap and a display with greater outdoor visibility. Some people, myself included, think that this means it should sell for less than the regular version of the watch which is outfitted with more premium materials.

Well, Motorolla may not agree with that idea, but Amazon is apparently on board with it because the price on the black model of the 360 Sport just dropped more than 50 bucks to $248.27. This is not an announced sale and may be Amazon's way of clearing a little extra inventory.

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