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[Update: Moto G5 too] Motorola releases the kernel source code for the Moto G5 Plus

Motorola's Moto G5 Plus came out not too long ago. Meeting with positive reviews, it kept the crown as the king of budget phones. It packs in a lot of good specs for a low price point, which is a well-known hallmark of the G series. As seems to be the company's trend lately, Motorola has released the kernel source code for the capable device.

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[Deal Alert] The Moto G4 Plus is $189.99 ($60 off) on Amazon

The Moto G5 Plus was recently released, and is possibly the best budget phone you can buy. But if the $229.99 price tag for the G5 Plus is a little too high, you can now get the last-generation G4 Plus for just $189.99 on Amazon.

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You can now pre-order the Moto G5 Plus from Amazon, Best Buy, Motorola, B&H, and Ting

We already covered that Amazon will sell Prime-exclusive Moto G5 Plus models with lockscreen ads, but other retailers have begun to take pre-orders for the phone as well. Best Buy, Motorola, B&H, and Ting are now selling the G5 Plus, with a release date set for March 31.

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[Deal Alert] The Moto G4 Play is $100 again at B&H with promo code ($50 off)

We're fast approaching MWC with some of the major highlights of the event, like the Moto G5, seeing some serious leaks. Like I mentioned yesterday, good phones from last year should not be discounted simply because they're a year old. Such is the case with this returning deal here. The Moto G4 Play is available for $99.99 from B&H with a promo code, a total savings of $50.

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Android 7.0 Nougat kernel source released for Moto Z and Moto Z Droid

Last year, Motorola skipped on updating the Moto X line of devices, in favor of introducing the Moto Z. The device's main selling point was 'Moto Mods,' modules the user can hotswap to add functionality. Unfortunately, the expensive cost of both the device and the Moto Mods, as well as the lack of a headphone jack and short battery life, led it to fall below expectations.

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Motorola has an MWC event scheduled for February 26

It feels like we just put CES behind us, yet our sights are set on the next big event. Mobile World Congress is coming, held at the end of February in Barcelona as always. Various companies will be sending out event invites and announcements in the coming days and weeks. Motorola is no exception. We received our graphic and while obviously not detailed as to the specifics of the event, I am sure that most of us can guess what we are going to see there.

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[Deal Alert] Get a new Moto Z Play for just $399.99 ($50 off), or save an additional $60 for one in mint condition

Even though I own a Moto Z, I must admit that it isn't exactly the most compelling flagship offering out there. Not only does it lack a headphone jack and have terrible battery life because it's so damn thin, it's priced at an astronomically high $699.99 (though, to be fair, it can be found for sale at a much lower price).

The Moto Z Play, on the other hand, is an entirely different story. As Ryan found, it corrects most of the Moto Z's shortcomings, while managing to come in at a much lower MSRP of $449.99. Now, with discounts of $50 on new units and $110 on slightly used ones, there's never been a better time to pick a Z Play up.

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[Deal Alert] Grab a 64GB Moto X Pure Edition from Best Buy for $250 ($150 off)

Even in the midst of CES, there are still deals to be found. This one is from Best Buy, which has the unlocked 64GB Moto X Pure Edition on sale for $249.99. That is a respectable savings of $150 for a decent phone by today's standards. Even though it may not run circles around the best of yesteryear, this is still a good deal.

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Motorola discontinues Moto credit account, existing accounts can make purchases until November 29

When Motorola ramped up its efforts to sell phones directly to consumers, it introduced the Motorola credit account. The account lets you pay off the cost of a device monthly. Not everyone can drop hundreds of dollars up front on an unlocked phone, so this was a welcome option. Not anymore, though. The Motorola credit account is going away.

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[Deal Alert] 16GB Moto G4 with lockscreen offers on sale for $119.99 ($30 off) for Amazon Prime members

Cheap and good. In the tech world, finding a device with both those attributes can be difficult. The Moto G4 is one of those rare devices that is both inexpensive and satisfying. Ryan called it the best budget phone you can buy in his review and it's easy to see why – the specs of this device are top-notch for the price. 

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