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Moto Z3 Play Prime Exclusive is $220 ($180 off) for today only

If you're after a Motorola phone with just a bit more gusto than the $150 G7 Play, the Z3 Play has also been discounted for Black Friday. It's currently just $219.99, marked down from its regular price of $399.99. It's arguably an even better deal than the G7 Play for just a bit more money.

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Get a Moto Z4 with free 360 camera mod for $400 ($100 off)

If you're still hanging on to your old wired headphones, this is an excellent opportunity to pick up one of the last phones that still support them. Though it's not the most popular phone of this generation (see our review), the Moto Z4 is still a very decent phone, especially at this reduced price of $400. And with an included 360° camera, this is not a bad deal at all. If that's still out of your budget, several of Motorola's mid-range phones have been discounted as well.

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Get a Moto Z3 Play with your choice of Moto Mod for $170 (up to $260 off)

Motorola's modular smartphone dream may not have panned out the way the company had hoped, but it still produced some pretty novel hardware. The Moto Z3 Play was flatly too expensive at launch, costing $500 — but now, a year later, Motorola is offering it at a very steep discount: $169.99, with a free Moto Mod.

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[Update: Free Mods] The 32GB Moto Z3 Play is a steal for just $200 ($150 off)

If you're on the lookout for an interesting mid-range device that won't break the bank, the Moto Z3 is definitely worth considering. It features respectable internals, but its release price was too steep for it to thrill on such a competitive market. Nevertheless, now that the handset is down to just $200, it offers excellent value for money.

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Moto Z3 Play and Z2 Force now receiving Android 9 Pie updates

Motorola's phones were once renowned for getting the latest Android OS updates extremely quickly, but that hasn't been the case for many years. Two of its phones, the Moto Z3 Play and Moto Z2 Force, are finally being updated to Android Pie. Given that we're now on our fourth beta release of Android Q, it's safe to say that Moto's lagging behind a bit.

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Moto Z3 Play Prime Exclusive with Power Pack Mod drops to all-time low of $329

Ever since Lenovo snagged Motorola, it has become a very different company than it was under Google. While the original Moto X was all about perfectly matched hardware and software, the newer high-end Moto Z phones have something else up their sleeves – Moto Mods, which can be snapped on the back of the devices to extend their functionality. The latest model in this line is the Moto Z3 Play, and we've found a deal for you: currently, the Amazon Prime exclusive version of the phone is available for $329.

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Moto Z3 Play kernel source code for Android 9 Pie update now available

In our review of the Moto Z3 Play from last year, we said it carried "an unacceptable price for a decent phone." In the event that you did pony up the $500 for it, or maybe just bought it on sale, you should be excited that development for its Android 9 Pie firmware is coming soon. Motorola has just published the Z3 Play's Pie kernel source code on GitHub.

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Get a Moto Z3 Play with Power Pack Moto Mod for $350 ($150 off), Prime Exclusive version for $340

With many of its recent offerings, Motorola has had trouble striking a balance between value and price: the company is launching some good phones, but they're often too expensive to recommend. That makes them ripe for sales, though — and the Z3 Play is currently on sale for a substantial $150 off MSRP from a number of retailers.

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Moto Z3 Play's Pie release notes published, hinting at forthcoming update

Back in August, Motorola published a list of eight phones that it planned to update to Android 9 Pie. Fast forward six months, and the Moto Z3 Play has finally had its Pie release notes published. We haven't seen any reports of the update actually being pulled just yet, but it should be hitting devices any day now.

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Grab a Moto Z3 Play for $385 ($115 off) at B&H

Motorola's phones generally have nice hardware, an unadulterated version of Android, and good performance for their price. Those things are all true of the Moto Z3 Play, which launched launched last year for $500 — the last one even more so now that the phone is on sale at B&H for $115 off its MSRP.

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