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Get a Moto X4 and burner smartphone with $50 credit for $126 at Best Buy

Here's an interesting Sunday deal — Best Buy is currently selling the unlocked 32GB Moto X4 along with a locked LG Fiesta 2 and $50 of Simple Mobile credit for just $126.

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Prime Exclusive Moto X4 is down to just $120 ($90 off) on Amazon

Are you done with this year's spring cleaning? Amazon sure isn't, as evidenced by its continuing markdowns on Prime Exclusive smartphones. The Moto G6 was first discounted to $170, and then to $140. The Moto X4 too dropped to $130 a few weeks ago and is now marked down another ten bucks to $120. That's a lot of phone for not that much money.

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Moto X4 with Alexa is currently just $130 ($80 off) on Amazon

Keeping a spare smartphone around the house can be a wise move. When a family member loses their phone, you have a decent alternative ready, because no one wants to use your five-year-old Galaxy. You also don't have to rush to buy an expensive replacement, but can wait for a good deal to present itself. The Moto X4 makes an excellent spare phone, and at just $130 ($10 below the $140 it had previously dropped to), it won't cost you too much.

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6 of our favorite tech deals this week: Pixel and Moto phones, dirt-cheap 4K movies, and more

It's understandable for mobile tech enthusiasts to be suffering from a bit of an attention-span issue right now. After all, we're just a little over a week away from the start of Mobile World Congress 2019, one of the biggest new-product expos of the year. With all those fresh hot devices waiting in the wings, how are we to focus on anything else? Somehow, though, we're managing to keep at least some attention on the present, and over the past week we've covered a lot of tempting deals — here are some of the best that are still active:

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Mid-range madness: Grab a Moto X4 for just $140 with Alexa or $150 without

While high-end smartphones may be getting more expensive, a lot of average consumers could do just fine with a mid-range phone. The Moto X4 is one such device, and the 32GB/3GB RAM variant is currently on sale from $140 at multiple retailers.

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Midweek deals: Discounted smartwatches, Pixel Buds, Fire tablet 3-packs, and more

At Android Police, we keep an eye out for great deals on tech goodies so we can let you know when the time to buy is right. But there are a lot of deals out there; too many to highlight each in its own story. With that in mind, here are some bargains you may have missed over the past few days.

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Google Fi is offering the Moto X4 plus $50 in service credit for $149 with activation

The Moto X4 launched in late 2017 for $400. That was too much money. Now, though, Google Fi is offering the device for next to nothing with activation — $149, or $6.20 a month — and throwing in 50 bucks of Fi service credit along with it. It's hard to argue with that.

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[Update: Back in stock] The Moto X4 is down to $165 ($135 off) at B&H while this crazy deal lasts

Over the weekend, a lot of you perked up your proverbial ears to a deal we posted about the Moto X4. Fry's was selling it for $189.99, which isn't a bad price. But here comes B&H to steal the thunder with an even better offer: use a $25 off coupon and you can have a Moto X4 for just $165. Yep, you read that right.

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8 of our favorite tech deals this week: Phone clearance prices, projectors, and more

Winter sucks for shopping. At least, it does if you're doing it in the traditional sense: driving out in the snow, fighting for parking, and watching the sun set before you're even half done. It's enough to drive someone to ditch the brick-and-mortar life and commit to an online retail existence. As luck would have it, we've spotted a bunch of good deals from some of our favorite online stores, ready to save you a buck or two on mobile tech.

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Moto X4 drops to $190 ($110 off) at Fry's

Motorola had a short yet glorious golden age a few years ago. The Moto X was beloved by many Android fans out there. Sadly, those days are long gone and Motorola is but a shell of its former beauty. But that doesn't mean we should overlook deals when they come around. The Moto X4 has dropped to $189.99 over at Fry's Electronics. 

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