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Moto Voice update expands voice controls, mentions unannounced Moto Z3 Play


Moto Voice gets support for UK English and German in latest update

Moto Voice is one of the main selling points of Motorola phones. The ability to set your own always-in voice launch phrase is something that other OEMs can't just match even today. The latest update for Moto Voice on the Play Store has added support for British English and German.

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Moto Voice Updated In The Play Store With A Ton Of Fixes And Improvements

Motorola's Android build is very close to Google's stock version of the platform, but there are a couple of important additions that have made Moto devices stand out. For example, the voice command feature known as Moto Voice. Like Motorola's other custom components, it's updated via the Play Store, and some changes are being pushed down today in the form of numerous fixes and improvements.

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Motorola Pushes An Update To Moto Voice To Boost Speed On The Moto X

Motorola's always-on voice control system is a little less special than it was a year ago, but it's still a neat feature. It's still got some room to grow, though. The recently rebranded Moto Voice app is improving a bit today. Specifically, it should reduce some of that lag when initiating commands by voice.

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Motorola's Touchless Control App Is Now 'Moto Voice,' Updated With Moto 360 Support, Custom Launch Phrases For The New Moto X, And More

Last night was a big night for Motorola. The 360's availability was announced, as was the new Moto G and Moto X, and company's tiny new earbuds, the Moto Hint. That's a lot to take in. With all these new devices and new features, app updates are a necessity, and Touchless Control is one of the first to get the makeover treatment.

First off, it's no longer called Touchless Control – moving forward it's simply Moto Voice. Otherwise, the new features are really just for the upcoming Moto X revamp, the 360, and Hint:

What's New

  • Customize your own launch phrase to make Moto Voice respond only to you
  • Voice command support for YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp
  • Turn on Talk to Me and other Moto modes through voice commands
  • Support for Moto Hint and Moto 360
  • User experience improvements and bug fixes

One other interesting tidbit is a little blurb about the future of the first gen Moto X, Droid Maxx, Droid Mini, and Droid Ultra:

On your new Moto X (2nd generation), there’s even more:
To make Moto Voice more personal to you, create your own launch phrase, like “Hello Moto X” and teach it your voice.

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