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Moto Tab review: Look elsewhere for your tablet needs

The Android tablet market is a proverbial scarce wasteland these days. It has been quite some time since we saw something from Samsung or Asus, two of the last major stalwart players in this space (excluding Amazon, obviously). Tablets are not what they were in years past, though I personally still find having one useful for certain situations, despite Android leaving much to be desired in this aspect.

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AT&T Moto Tab now for sale at $299 or $15/month over 20 months

Although development of Android for tablets has largely stagnated, mid-range media consumption tablets are still cheaply produced. The AT&T Moto Tab (stylized as 'moto tab') is technically Motorola's first tablet since the Xoom 2 (known as the Xyboard in the United States), though the design strongly resembles that of the Lenovo Tab 4 10. You can now buy the Moto Tab from AT&T for $299.99 upfront, or for $15/month for 20 months. This is $120 more than the Lenovo-branded tablet, though the two share more similarities in appearance than power.

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Motorola (sort of) returns to the tablet market with the AT&T 'Moto Tab'

The 2011 Motorola XOOM is one of the most legendary Android devices of all time, even if it wasn't a very good product. Motorola and Google went big with a Super Bowl commercial, and it was the first device to run the tablet-tailored Android 3.0 Honeycomb. It was perhaps the first real iPad competitor, but the high initial price and lack of tablet-optimized apps meant it never really took off. Later that year, Motorola released an incremental update, and that was the last tablet Motorola ever made... until today.

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