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The Moto Z2 Force launches today on all major US carriers

Motorola's latest Mod-ready phone is on sale today. Head over to the Motorola website or your favorite carrier store, and you'll be able to pick up the Moto Z2 Force. The price ranges from $720 to as much as $810, depending on the carrier. That new 360 Camera Moto Mod is on sale as well. It's $300, though.

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The Moto Gamepad Mod will cost $79.99 and only be available through Verizon

It's like Motorola keeps shooting itself in the foot, over and over and over again. One of the most interesting Mods it announced to date, the Gamepad, will soon go on sale but you won't be able to buy it everywhere and it will cost a pretty penny.

How pretty? $79.99. For a few buttons and a 1035mAh battery. That's really pushing it. At $49.99, this would have been palatable. At $79.99, it's pushing the boundary of what Motorola can get away with and falls in line with the company's strategy of using its phones as Mods money grabs to maximize on its profit margin.

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Moto Z2 Force review: Focusing on the wrong things

Motorola kicked off the era of Moto Mods last year with the Moto Z and Z Force. The latter was only available on Verizon in the US, but this year the Z2 Force is coming to all US carriers. It's also the only flagship phone the company is releasing this summer—there's no regular Z phone at all. That makes the Z2 Force a critical phone for Motorola as it seeks to convince consumers and mobile carriers that Mods are a good idea.

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Opinion: Motorola's Z phones are quickly becoming little more than Mod money grabs

Motorola announced the Z2 Force at an event in New York City yesterday, ostensibly the 2017 flagship for the struggling smartphone brand, following up the Z and Z Force of 2016. The Z series is notable both for marking a major transition in Moto's flagship strategy, but also for the Moto Mods that underpinned the alleged reasoning behind that shift.

Motorola loves to toss out figures about the adoption rate for Moto Mods, but it hasn't issued any really solid ones in regard to which Mods people are using or how often they're using them. The reality is that this is probably because the battery Mod - the most painfully, glaringly, obvious use case for Mods - makes up the great bulk of that uptake.

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Motorola announces Moto Z2 Force and 360 Camera Mod

The Z2 series was kicked off last month with the Moto Z2 Play, and now the step-up version is official. The often leaked Moto Z2 Force is coming on August 10th, and you can preorder it now. Unlike last time, you'll be able to get this phone on any carrier—AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, and Verizon. There will also be an unlocked version. The pricing is really getting up there, though. You're looking at $799.99 for the phone, and then there are mods. Motorola is also announcing a new 360-degree camera Moto Mod, and that one will set you back $300.

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Six new Moto Mod concepts announced, including DSLR lens, DirecTV, and "Moto 360 Camera" attachments

Back in 2016, Motorola committed to releasing twelve Moto Mods per year - a rather ambitious amount. However, it appears that the Lenovo-owned company hasn't forgotten about that promise, as it revealed six new Moto Mod concepts a few days ago at an event in Ghana. Moto has shown off Moto Mod concepts in the past (alongside production Moto Mods), but these are new.

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[Update: Pre-orders with free JBL SoundBoost 2] Motorola reveals the Moto Z2 Play with a smaller 3,000mAh battery and new Moto Mods

Last year, Motorola (Lenovo) surprised everyone when it hit pause on its Moto X flagship line and introduced a new modular silo to take over the mantel. The Moto Z Play was the cheaper sibling of the Moto Z, with better battery life and a more affordable price tag, and both were designed to showcase the new Moto Mods attachments. The second generation model leaked a couple of months ago, and the Moto Z2 Play has now been officially unveiled, alongside 4 new or updated Moto Mods.

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Motorola shows off some concepts for Moto Mods, including a tablet dock and printer

Motorola is making a big push for modular phones, with the company promising at least 12 Moto Mods a year and showing off several upcoming ones earlier today. The success of Moto Mods relies on convincing customers that they are actually useful, and to that end, Motorola shared some concepts for future mods at Mobile World Congress today.

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Motorola announces new Moto Mods, including a Power Pack, gamepad, and more

Motorola's big announcement today was the new Moto G5 and G5 Plus, but it also had some news for Moto Z owners. The company previously committed to at least 12 new Moto Mods every year, with several announced today to be released over the first half of 2017.

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Motorola announces the "Transform the Smartphone Challenge" finalists, now up on Indiegogo to get funded

Motorola has wrapped up its "Transform the Smartphone Challenge" and has announced that most of the finalists' ideas are available on Indiegogo for funding. Over 700 submissions went in from 55 countries and 30 states. The creative people received their Moto Mod Development Kits along with a Moto Z to test out their prototypes, and now they are ready for crowdfunding.

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