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6 of our favorite (non-Prime-Day) tech deals this week: Gear 360, two kinds of G6 phones, and more

The past week has been absolutely overrun with deals, due in no small part to the arrival of Amazon's annual Prime Day. While that's obviously been great for Prime members, there have also been a nice assortment of offers targeting the rest of us, as companies go after shoppers who weren't able to take advantage of Amazon's festivities. Here are some of our favorite deals from the past few days, ones that are both still available and aren't exclusive to Prime users.

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[Deal Alert] Verizon has the Moto G6 for $5/month for 24 months with a new line ($120 off)

Motorola's G-series phones generally provide a pretty great bang for your buck. The recent G6 is no exception, and Verizon has it for a very appealing price — if you're looking to open a new line of service. In that case, the G6 is just five bucks a month, coming to $120 over two years, interest-free.

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Amazon launches Prime Exclusive Moto G6 in 'Deep Indigo' with more storage and RAM for $260

The Moto G6 is one of the best cheap phones you can buy, especially if you're on a CDMA carrier in the US. Amazon offers a Prime Exclusive version of that phone and has since launch. Starting today, there's a new Prime SKU of the phone available only at Amazon. The special edition Moto G6 has additional storage and RAM, but the price is a bit higher.

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The 3 best and worst things about the Moto G6

I'll be the first to admit that the Moto G6 is not the most exciting phone in the world. The days of being wowed by sub-$300 phones simply on the basis of not being terrible are long gone, but Motorola still rolls new budget devices out every year. The new Moto G6 is probably at the top of the list for many budget phone shoppers. Our full review includes ample details, but here are the three best and worst things about the G6.

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Available today: Moto Z3 Play, Moto G6 Prime Exclusive, and Moto Z3 Play Prime Exclusive

It's a day full of new Motorola phone releases. You can pick up Moto's latest semi-flagship phone in either standard or Amazon variants. There's also a cheaper option in the Amazon-tweaked Moto G6.

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Moto G6 review: A predictably good value

Motorola's high-end phones have disappointed in the last few years, but its budget devices have offered the best value of any low-cost phones. We don't know how Moto's 2018 flagship story will shake out, but the new Moto G6 has arrived to (mostly) carry on the tradition of giving you a lot of phone for just a little money.

This phone makes several changes that I love, as well as a few that I don't. The Moto G6 has a slower processor than its predecessor, but the performance is still solid, and Moto's software impresses. You also get a Type-C port (finally) and a taller 18:9 screen, both features that were rare on budget phones not long ago.

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Motorola Moto G6 and G6 Plus kernel source code released

With the Moto G6 and G6 Plus slowly becoming more and more widely available, Motorola has published the kernel source code for the Moto G6 and G6 Plus. The G6 Play's source code was released in late April, but it's taken over a month on top of that for the G6 and G6 Plus's for whatever reason.

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[Update: Winners] Win one of three unlocked Moto G6s from Ting and Android Police [US]

Motorola has long been king of the mid-range selection here in the US, and the new Moto G6 continues that trend, mixing impressive specs like a 5.7" 1080p 18:9 display, dual-camera system, and Android 8.0 Oreo with an affordable price. That's why Ting and Android Police are teaming up to give away three brand new, unlocked Moto G6 phones.

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Project Fi doubling phone support with addition of Moto G6, LG G7 ThinQ, and V35 ThinQ

Project Fi may have many fans—after all, it gives you service across three US carriers plus international roaming at an affordable pay-as-you-go rate—but one thing subscribers don't enjoy is the lack of selection when it comes to phones. Fi hears that, and to make up for it, it's adding the Moto G6, LG G7 ThinQ, and LG V35 ThinQ to its lineup. The affordable G6 is even available to pre-order today.

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Moto G6 Prime Exclusive now available on Amazon for $235 ($15 off MSRP)

Motorola is no stranger to the Amazon Prime Exclusive club; in fact, its Moto G4 was one of the first phones in the program. It's been almost two years since then, and Amazon has just announced that the Moto G6 is now available as a Prime Exclusive phone for $234.99, $15 less than its regular price.

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