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Moto X Force Now Available In India, 2015 Moto G Variants On Amazon India Too

Android aficionados in India have a few more options today when it comes time to get a new device, courtesy of Motorola. As promised, the Moto X Force is on sale, and the previously available Moto G variants have come to Amazon India.

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India's Moto G Turbo Edition Gets Android 6.0 Update

Motorola is just about done rolling out Marshmallow updates to its recent phones, and that includes one you might not be very familiar with. The Moto G Turbo Edition in India is getting a 6.0 update right now. This phone is also sold in Mexico, but today's update is for the Indian version.

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Motorola Releases Android 6.0 Kernel Source For The 2015 Moto G

The open source code from Motorola's third-gen Moto G was first made available back in August, but now the company has added the Marshmallow version to its Github. Interested parties can head over and download all the code to begin poking around inside.

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[Update: Motorola Disagrees] Report: All New Moto Phones Will Have 5-Inch Or Larger Screens And Fingerprint Scanners, Moto G And Moto E Lines Will Go To Lenovo

Years after Chinese electronics giant Lenovo purchased Motorola, the lines between the two companies are starting to blur. The status of Motorola as its "Moto" lineup becomes a sub-brand of Lenovo is still somewhat up in the air. According to a post from Digital Trends, the Moto line will be positioned as a more high-end option, as opposed to serving a wide array of market segments as it does now.

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Motorola Announces Android 6.0 Update For 2015 Moto G In India


[Deal Alert] The Second-Gen Moto G (International GSM Version) Is Just $100 On Amazon, US Version Out Of Stock At The Moment

Black Friday is over, but there are still a ton of great deals waiting for bargain hunters on the web. Amazon has a particularly good sale for anyone who wants a great Motorola phone on the cheap. The international GSM version of the second-gen Moto G (that's the 2014 model) is now $99.99 on Amazon's US site, an impressive $80 off the retail price. It's an excellent deal for someone who needs a solid device without the high price (or, notably, the LTE radio) of more robust models.

Note that this is the global GSM model, not the US GSM version, so while it will work in most countries around the world, it will have poor reception on T-Mobile in the States.

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The Original Moto G Gets Its Android 5.1 Update On Verizon

The original Moto G started getting its official update to Android 5.1 in July. But those were unlocked units and we all know how operators like to test, re-test, delay, and re-delay OTA updates, so odds were that you would have to wait for months before getting it on your device if it wasn't unlocked.

Well, the odds and the stars have aligned in your favor if you're on the Verizon XT1028 version of the Moto G because Lollipop 5.1 is finally coming to you. The rollout started a few days ago so you may have already seen the notification, otherwise you should head into your phone's settings and manually check.

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Republic Wireless Launching 3rd Gen Moto G On October 27th For $199 (8GB) Or $229 (16GB) [Update]

The hybrid cellular-WiFi carrier Republic Wireless is launching a new budget device this month, and it's a good one. The 3rd generation Moto G will be available for purchase from Republic on October 27th in both 8GB and 16GB versions. The pricing isn't as competitive as past Republic Wireless phones have been, but the Moto G is a crazy-good deal already.

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T-Mobile Unofficially Speaks To Us About Band 12 LTE / VoLTE And Unlocked Smartphones, And Yep It's Still Confusing

Yesterday, we published an article asking an open question: what is up with T-Mobile band 12 support being removed from some unlocked smartphones?

Today, T-Mobile contacted us to speak about said article. Unfortunately, T-Mobile was unwilling to provide any official on-record responses to our questions. But after a short discussion, I can provide you some information I have learned on background (journalist speak for "cannot be directly quoted or attributed to anyone"). First:

  • On T-Mobile, any device on its network with band 12 LTE data support must also support T-Mobile Voice over LTE services and E911.

The E911 part isn't particularly important in terms of the certification requirement - all phones sold in America are technically E911 compliant, because by law they have to be.

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Why Is T-Mobile Telling Manufacturers To Remove Band 12 LTE Support From Some Unlocked Smartphones?

If you're the happy owner of a 2015 Moto E, a pretty solid phone, you may also be a T-Mobile subscriber. You may have also bought the phone relying on the fact that it had a key forward-looking feature for the network - support for LTE on band 12. T-Mobile is the only national network here in America currently utilizing band 12 LTE (regional operator US Cellular being the next largest), and support for that band is key in congested metro regions, where its low 700MHz frequency provides superior building penetration and increased capacity for the network.

Well, in the latest update to the Moto E (Android 5.1) way back when, Motorola removed support for band 12 LTE from the device completely - and they're pointing the finger at T-Mobile.

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