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Android history: 10 of the most influential and important Android devices

Android's been around quite a while at this point (Google's Android turned 12 last year), and even Android phones have been around well over a decade now. And while obviously hardware like the HTC Hero matters in terms of where the platform got its start, and ones like the original Moto DROID mark its real entry into the marketplace in a big way, we think there are phones (and even A tablet) that are less remembered or less appreciated for their impact on the larger ecosystem.

After, when's the last time you thought of the Galaxy S2, or the HTC One M7?

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New Moto G6 series could be announced April 19th in Brazil

Motorola is yet to launch a new phone in 2018, a further sign that the once thriving OEM is becoming less and less relevant in the mobile industry. While the successor to last year's poorly-received Moto X4 has apparently been scrapped, we know that new Moto G devices are on the way, likely to go on sale in mid-May. Now we have a potential date for the launch.

According to an invitation sent to Android Pit, the Lenovo-owned company is having an event on April 19th in São Paulo, Brazil. There's no information about which specific devices will be announced, and it's entirely possible that this could be a Brazil-specific event for something completely different.

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Motorola's 2017 lineup gets leaked in its entirety, from ultra-budget to flagship

Remember when Motorola had a simple three-device lineup: E, G, and X? Those days are no more, and a leaked presentation slide courtesy of master leakster @evleaks is here to prove it. According to this, Moto will now have five levels of smartphones, each with their own target buyers.

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TWRP now available for HTC U Ultra, Xiaomi Mi Max, and more

We already covered the TWRP 3.1.0 update, which brings several new features and bug fixes to the massively-popular custom recovery. TWRP is also expanding official support to several new devices, including the HTC U Ultra and Xiaomi Mi Max.

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[Deal Alert] 16GB Moto G4 with lockscreen offers on sale for $119.99 ($30 off) for Amazon Prime members

Cheap and good. In the tech world, finding a device with both those attributes can be difficult. The Moto G4 is one of those rare devices that is both inexpensive and satisfying. Ryan called it the best budget phone you can buy in his review and it's easy to see why – the specs of this device are top-notch for the price. 

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Motorola posts Moto G4 Play kernel source code

If there's one thing Lenovorola (Motonovo?) has been consistently good at for its past few phones, it's releasing kernel source code quickly. The Moto G4 Play was made available for sale just last month, but its source code has already been published. This might be one of their quickest turnarounds yet.

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Motorola confirms the bootloader on the Amazon Prime Exclusive Moto G4 can't be unlocked

Motorola's relationship with unlockable bootloaders, and thus with the ROM-flashing aftermarket community, can be summed up as "complicated." While its default approach is to offer a consumer-friendly bootloader unlock on most of its phones, it nonetheless bows to the whims of its carrier masters (Verizon and AT&T) whenever they insist that said feature be disabled, and they don't offer those handy full-price Developer Editions anymore, either. Add Amazon to the list, because the retailer's customized, super-cheap edition of the fourth-generation Moto G can't be bootloader unlocked.

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Best Buy and B&H Photo are both offering $50 gift cards with the 2016 Moto G and G Plus

The early reactions to Motorola's new generation of hardware have been tepid at best. Even so, if you're one of the people looking forward to the recently-announced US launch for the 2016 version of the Moto G and the new G Plus, Motorola is hoping to sweeten the pot on the already budget-priced phones. Both Best Buy and B&H Photos are offering free $50 gift cards to their respective stores for early buyers.

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Another Supposed Image Of 4th Gen Moto G Leaks

Motorola's upcoming Moto G refresh has leaked a few times lately, and the latest image is the best yet. Previous leaks have been grainy spy shots, but @evleaks just posted what appears to be a press render of the new Moto G. Again, it's sporting that odd square fingerprint sensor.

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Alleged Moto G Fourth-Gen Leaked Photos Show A Fingerprint Reader

Everything old is new again. If you'll recall, Motorola (before it was gobbled up by Google, then Lenovo) was one of the first Android manufacturers to use a fingerprint sensor. Oddly, they've now become one of the last hold-outs after more reliable technology has made mobile sensors much better. According to a few spy shots of what looks like a new Moto G redesign posted at, Motorola thinks it's just about time to bring them back.

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