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[OTA Download] Moto G Google Play Edition OTA To Android 5.1 Has Begun Rolling Out

If you're the owner of a Google Play Edition Moto G, your update to Android 5.1 has begun rolling out. Though these things go out in stages, you can always check manually for an update, or if you're too impatient, you can download and flash the OTA manually using the link to Google's server at the bottom of this post.


The build is LMY47M and the OTA clocks in at a fairly hefty 171 MB.

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[OTA ZIP Download] Moto G Google Play Edition Getting Lollipop Update

If you're the owner of a Moto G GPE, your Lollipop update is here. Google and Motorola have begun rolling out the latest version of Android to the budget GPE device, but if you don't have it yet, we've got the direct download link for you at the bottom of this post.


Oddly, even though this new firmware is Android 5.0.1, the build is LRX21Z, which would appear to be older than LRX22C, which is the 5.0.1 build heading out to Nexus and other GPE devices.

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Google Nonchalantly Drops The Moto G Google Play Edition, $179 For 8GB, $199 For 16GB

Wow - Google just decided to drop a [small] bomb on us this morning, a la the Google Play Edition Moto G, available immediately on the US Play Store website.


The 8GB model will cost the same $179 that it does at 3rd party retailers for the Motorola version, and the 16GB edition is a mere $20 more, at $199. We definitely didn't see that one coming today!

The device features the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 1.2GHz quad-core processor, quad-band HSPA+ connectivity, and 4.5" 720p display as it was originally unveiled with.

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