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Motorola expands its budget lineup with the Moto G Fast and Moto E

Motorola released a pair of Moto G phones just a few months ago, and it's already adding some new devices to its budget phone offerings. The Moto G Fast slots in below the Moto G Power at $200, and the new Moto E looks like a capable ultra-budget phone for just $150. You can order both of them unlocked this very day, too.

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Moto G Fast appears in leaked video and it's destined for the US

Motorola has already launched what feels like too many Moto G8 series phones with various names — there's the Moto G8 itself, G Power, G Power Lite, G Stylus, G8 Plus, and G8 Play. It was rumored that the standard Moto G8 would be rebranded as the Moto G Fast for the US, but it appears as though this will be a slightly different phone. Meanwhile, the Moto G Stylus that's already out in the States has been unveiled for Europe as the Moto G Pro. None of this is confusing at all.

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