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Motorola releases kernel source for the Moto E5 Plus

Motorola has been churning through its backlog of GPL obligations lately. The company released kernel sources for the Moto E5 Play Android Go Edition a few days ago, followed by updated source code for the Moto G5. Now the kernel package for the E5 Plus is out on GitHub.

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[Update: Official] Moto E5 Play and E5 Plus coming to T-Mobile on July 27

It's pretty rare for a company to accidentally leak information about its own products, but it does happen. Samsung's done it before; in fact, it did so earlier today. T-Mobile also has a reputation of spilling the beans on itself, and that's how we now know that the Moto E5 Play and Moto E5 Plus are coming to the magenta-themed carrier on July 27th.

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Don’t expect lengthy software support from Motorola’s new Moto G6 and E5

If you’re planning to buy one of Motorola’s newest handsets, you should be aware that you won’t get lengthy software support. Motorola is promising just one major Android upgrade for the new Moto G6 series, while the Moto E5 series may not get a major update at all.

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Motorola introduces its latest budget lineup with launch of Moto G6, G6 Plus, G6 Play, Moto E5, E5 Plus, and E5 Play

For smartphone fans who enjoy a good spoiler, we started the year off with a pretty substantial one, when in mid-January a very convincing peek at Motorola's 2018 lineup surfaced. That included some follow-ups to the affordable Moto G5 family in the form of the Moto G6 and G6 Plus, and it wasn't long before we also got a look at some even more budget-friendly options when a leak outlined the Moto E5 Plus. It had been feeling likely that we'd be seeing at least some of this hardware make its debut this week, ahead of possible sales next month, and today we see that confirmation arrive, as Motorola launches the Moto G6, G6 Plus, G6 Play, E5, E5 Plus, and E5 Play.

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Moto E5 Plus leaked with 18:9 screen and fingerprint sensor on the back

The Moto E4 Plus is one of Motorola's more interesting phones from last year. It is affordable (at just $179-199), works on all major carriers, and has a massive 5,000mAh battery. The E4 Plus is far from the fastest phone you can buy, but if you need a device that lasts for days on a single charge, it's still one of the best options.

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