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Leak: This Is Verizon's Moto E (2nd Generation) With LTE

Of the original Moto E's missing features, LTE was perhaps highest on the wish-list (well, maybe behind a front-facing camera) for the super-budget handset. The second generation Moto E - previously leaked here - will not have that problem, at least if we're talking about the version headed to Verizon. Oh, and yes: the new Moto E is going to be on Verizon, apparently. With LTE. And that picture up there is it.

This is all we've got, but the image is a dead match for the previous leak apart from the Verizon branding, so there's basically no doubt as to its legitimacy.

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[Leak] This Is Probably The 2nd Generation Moto E

Motorola's super-cheap Moto E was a crowd favorite in the sub-$150 smartphone segment last year, so it'd only make sense that the company is working on a sequel. Here, we think we have it caught in the press-shot flesh - mostly because we're not sure what else it could be.


This isn't a Moto G, as it lacks a second speaker grille on the front, and the proportions are all weird in terms of the screen:body ratio. This is clearly a smaller device. The lack of a camera flash is also a giveaway for very inexpensive phones - though it does look like the Moto E has picked up a secondary noise-cancelling microphone on the rear cover.

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