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[Update: Moto 360 models, too] Huawei Watch 1 and 2 Wear OS v2.17 update brings speed improvements, UI refresh

The first Huawei Watch has long been held up as a prime example of a Wear OS device, while its successor, the Huawei Watch 2, didn't fare so well with critics. Both, however, benefit from a surprisingly active joint community of fans that are eager for all the latest updates. Android Police's tips inbox lit up with a flurry of activity when new UI changes courtesy of Wear OS v2.17 began to roll out over the past day, with users reporting that their devices now felt much smoother and faster.

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[Deal Alert] Get a 42mm Moto 360 2nd Gen with a $50 Visa prepaid card for only $199.99


On the prowl for a cheap, round Android Wear smartwatch? The ZenWatch 3 is a good option, but if you fancy something a little less steampunk for a little less money, look no further than this latest Moto 360 deal. Verizon is offering up the 42mm second-generation Moto 360 in black for just $199.99. That in itself is already a decent discount, but the free $50 Visa prepaid card is the cherry on top.

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[Deal Alert] DailySteals has the 2nd-gen Moto 360 for $150 (42mm) and $165 (46mm)

Motorola's latest cell phone efforts have been less than stellar, but their watches remain some of the best Android Wear devices around... if you can get over the flat tire look. Today DailySteals is offering the second-generation Moto 360 for as little as $149.99, an impressive half off the list price for the cheapest model. There are a couple of caveats, however: one, they're refurbished. Two, you can have any color you want, so long as you want black.

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Doze Mode And App Permissions Are Coming To Android Wear, As Seen In The Moto 360 2nd Gen's Marshmallow Release Notes

When Google announced the Marshmallow update for Android Wear, the focus was on the new wrist gestures and the addition of speaker support — as well as sending voice messages, which has been possible for a while. However, it turns out that there are other features lurking in this update, as spotted in the Moto 360 2nd gen's release notes.

In the update's details, Motorola talks about the new wrist gestures, but also a lot of other additions:

  • New language-country pairs: Mandarin (Taiwan), Cantonese (Hong Kong), Indonesian (Indonesia), Polish (Poland), Dutch (Netherlands), and Thai (Thailand). But remember, your watch will always follow your phone's language preference.
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Motorola Makes The Second-Gen Moto 360 Official: Small And Large Sizes, Women's Version, Sport Model With GPS, And The Familiar Flat Tire Screen

Motorola hasn't done a particularly good job of keeping its new Android Wear devices a secret, but today they've made them official. There are now four models to choose from: what you might call the "classic" version, 46mm wide, a new 42mm smaller version that comes in men's and women's variants, and the "sport" model with a silicone band and built-in GPS. All of them ditch Motorola's questionable choice of a Texas Instruments chipset in favor of the Snapdragon 400, which has become the de facto standard for Android Wear watches.


Aside from the new size and the sport model, the changes are few, at least on the outside.

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