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Get $100 Off The Moto 360 At Best Buy When You Buy It With Any Android Phone

If the Moto 360 price drops from two days ago aren't sweet enough for you, it looks like Best Buy is offering an in-store deal that could be even better if executed correctly.

Until April 18th, Best Buy will give in-store customers $100 off the Moto 360 when purchased with any Android phone. The key word here of course is "any." According to one tipster, this even works with inexpensive prepaid devices.

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[Deal Alert] Most Moto 360 Variants Reduced To $180 - $230 On Amazon And Best Buy

Motorola seems to be clearing stock. The company's Moto 360 is significantly marked down, and I'm not talking about just on one site, nor only one variant. You can currently get the device with leather or metal bands for prices ranging from $70 to $110 off on Amazon and Best Buy alike.


While the prices are largely identical across the two stores, there are a few discrepancies. Best Buy offers all of the metal variants for $10 less than Amazon.

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[Deal Alert] Champagne Gold Moto 360 With Metal Band Only $260 On Amazon (Down From $330)

The Moto 360 starts out at $249.99, but if you want one in gold, that will cost you an extra $30. And if you want a spiffy metal band to match, that will be another $50. So at the end of the process, you're looking at handing over $330 for your shiny intelligent watch.

Today you can get a gold Moto 360 in this configuration on Amazon for just $260. That's only $10 more than a silver or black one with a leather strap.

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Google Boasts Android Wear Watch Bands Available From Clockwork Synergy, E3 Supply Co., And Worn & Wound

Apple has spared no opportunity to advertise how customizable its debut smartwatch is, thanks to the promised number of bands wearers will be able to swap in and out. Unsurprisingly Google wants to take some of the wind out of those sails. The company has taken this moment to highlight a set of straps available for various Android Wear devices from the likes of Clockwork Synergy, E3 Supply Co., and Worn & Wound.

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Lenovo CEO Allegedly Leaks A Possible Follow-Up To The Moto 360, Complete With Exposed Lugs... And The Same 'Flat Tire' Screen

You knew it was coming. With the Moto 360 being easily the most exciting Android Wear device from the initial video almost exactly a year ago, and then being something of a disappointment upon release thanks to its ancient chipset and not-really-360-degree "round" screen, a follow-up was inevitable. It looks like an executive from Lenovo (the new owners of Motorola Mobility) may have let the cat out of the bag on the company's next Android Wear smartwatch.

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Moto 360 Moto Maker Goes Live, Lets You Pick And Choose Whichever Existing Parts You Want Off The Shelf

Moto Maker makes ordering a Moto X different from picking up any other smartphone. You get to customize the handset to suit your own peculiar tastes, even if that means picking an appalling color pattern and nonsensical engraving that all but guarantee you won't be able to sell the thing at any point in the future.

Now, right on schedule, Motorola has brought the experience to the Moto 360. The options don't quite compare to those available for the company's flagship phone, but Moto Maker does let you mix and match between the various pre-existing components already available.

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Wired: Moto Maker Will Support Customizing The Moto 360 Starting In March

Motorola apparently intends to expand Moto Maker out to more than just smartphones. According to Wired, the company will start offering the ability to customize your own Moto 360 next month.


Before you get too excited, Motorola isn't rolling out new color options or anything particularly fancy. Instead, it's letting you mix and match the components already available off the shelf. So you can get the watch casing or metal band in silver, black, or champagne gold; or opt for a leather strap instead.

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Android Wear 5.0.2 Update Starts Rolling Out With Some Google Fit Fixes In Tow

Owners of several Android Wear watches (Sony Smartwatch 3, LG G Watch, and Moto 360 so far) have reported seeing an update hit their devices to bring it up to Android 5.0.2. The corresponding build number is LWX49K for the G Watch and Smartwatch 3, LWX49L for the Moto 360.

But before you get excited about a host of new features rolling up to your favorite wearable, this one seems to be all about the bug fixes and stability improvements.

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Wear Charging Widget Emulates And Improves Upon The Moto 360's Charging Screen — Available For All Wear Watches

Ever wanted the Moto 360's charging screen on another Android Wear watch? Ever wished you could see more information on that charging screen? If you answered yes to at least one of these two questions, then you might be interested in Wear Charging Widget.

The application automatically triggers when your Android Wear watch is charging. With a Moto 360-inspired design, it has an evolving circle that shows the current amount of charge on the watch, along with the time, date, and weather.

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[Deal Alert] All Moto 360 Variants Currently $30 - $50 Off At Best Buy

If you must have your Android Wear fix, prefer circular smartwatches, and aren't particularly feeling the LG G Watch R, then the Moto 360 really is your only option. That's not to say it's bad one. I've happily strapped one to my wrist for months now.

The Moto 360 remains at its original price point, so the model with a leather strap goes for $249.99, and the metal strap bumps that up to $299.99.

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