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A Motorola Smart Watch Just Passed Through The FCC, Probably The New Moto 360

Motorola's big announcement came and went today with no word on a new Android Wear watch. Phones? Psh, whatever. We have plenty of phones, Motorola. Where's the new Moto 360? Well, it might be sitting at the FCC for regulatory approval right now.

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Moto 360 Price Drop Appears To Be Permanent, Now $150 In The Google Store And Elsewhere

Over a month ago the Moto 360 went on sale for $150. Now it looks like the circular smartwatch may have permanently dropped in price. The Google Store,, and Amazon are all listing it priced at $100 less than its original MSRP (though Best Buy still shows it at $250).


The Moto 360 probably remains the most well-known Android Wear device, even if it's hardly the latest and greatest. Thanks to Motorola's craftmanship, the watch still makes for a stylish timepiece. So if you don't want to wait around for the next generation of Wear devices or part with over twice as much money for the LG Watch Urbane, now's not a bad time to pick up a Moto 360 for a lot less than it used to be.

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[Update: Moto 360] Android Wear 5.1 OTA Roundup

If you own an Android Wear device right now, chances are you're probably waiting patiently furiously checking for that elusive Android Wear 5.1 update. Well, we've got you covered. As the links to the OTA ZIP files become available, we will post them here. To flash these, you'll need to have ADB installed and have the Google USB drivers from the Android SDK. You'll reboot your watch into recovery mode, then select "Install Update From ADB." You can then run "adb sideload" from a command prompt.

A Note About Flashing

You can only sideload an OTA update manually if you can actually connect your watch to a computer via USB, and even then, you may not be able to.

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Moto 360 Set To Receive Android Wear 5.1 OTA Update Starting Today

Android Wear 5.1 is a substantial update. It has rolled out to pretty much all of the current smartwatches, except for the Moto 360. Motorola's smartwatch has been hampered by issues and delays. Fortunately, it looks like that is about to change. Googler Wayne Piekarski announced via Google+ that an over-the-air update will start hitting devices today.


Why are we excited about this update? It brings Wi-Fi connectivity, cloud sync, always on apps, and a number of other useful features. I regularly activate my own Moto 360 by accident, so the inclusion of a built-in lockscreen is reason enough to want the latest version.

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[Deal Alert] [Update: Other Retailers] Best Buy Is Selling The Moto 360 For $100 Off, All Colors And Bands Available

If you've been waiting on a good deal for Motorola's first Android Wear device, now might be the time to strike. Best Buy is offering every retail variant of the Moto 360, all the various color and band combinations, for $100 off of the already-reduced base price of $250. That means the cheapest new one is $149.99, while the most expensive option (the "champagne" gold color with matching metal band for men or women) is $229.99.

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[Deal Alert] Today Only: Woot Has A Refurbished Moto 360 With Leather Strap For Just $130

If you've been looking to score a high-end Android Wear device on the cheap, head over to Woot's landing page. The main daily deal for today (Thursday) is the Moto 360, refurbished and sporting either black or gray leather strap, for just $129.99. That's a full $120 off of the original retail price, and $35 off of the price that was dropped last month. It's the cheapest round Wear watch available at the moment, and well below the average price for any smartwatch.

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Google Store's Moto 360 Price Drops From $250 To $165

The Moto 360 has dropped to some downright cheaper prices over the past few weeks. Amazon and Best Buy alike have sold the smartwatch for up to $100 off, depending on the variant. People have been able to buy the wearable in any color or material at a discounted price.

Now the Moto 360's Google Store listing has received a price drop as well. The device is showing up there for $165. And this doesn't appear to be a sale, either. The top of the page says, "Was $249.99, now $165."


$165 is lower than the recent deals we've highlighted, which may leave some earlier shoppers with an immediate case of buyer's remorse.

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Get $100 Off The Moto 360 At Best Buy When You Buy It With Any Android Phone

If the Moto 360 price drops from two days ago aren't sweet enough for you, it looks like Best Buy is offering an in-store deal that could be even better if executed correctly.

Until April 18th, Best Buy will give in-store customers $100 off the Moto 360 when purchased with any Android phone. The key word here of course is "any." According to one tipster, this even works with inexpensive prepaid devices. (This particular tipster went the extra mile, combining the deal with a USPS movers coupon and a .edu discount, for a final cost of just $118 plus tax for the 360 with a steel band.)

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 8.16.50 PM

If you've been on the fence about getting a Moto 360, this seems like a pretty good deal.

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[Deal Alert] Most Moto 360 Variants Reduced To $180 - $230 On Amazon And Best Buy

Motorola seems to be clearing stock. The company's Moto 360 is significantly marked down, and I'm not talking about just on one site, nor only one variant. You can currently get the device with leather or metal bands for prices ranging from $70 to $110 off on Amazon and Best Buy alike.


While the prices are largely identical across the two stores, there are a few discrepancies. Best Buy offers all of the metal variants for $10 less than Amazon. This includes the gold Moto 360, now going for $219 (down from $260 just yesterday).


Best Buy is also offering the Cognac Moto 360 for $180, $100 less than what Amazon wants.

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[Deal Alert] Champagne Gold Moto 360 With Metal Band Only $260 On Amazon (Down From $330)

The Moto 360 starts out at $249.99, but if you want one in gold, that will cost you an extra $30. And if you want a spiffy metal band to match, that will be another $50. So at the end of the process, you're looking at handing over $330 for your shiny intelligent watch.

Today you can get a gold Moto 360 in this configuration on Amazon for just $260. That's only $10 more than a silver or black one with a leather strap. The gold band comes in at 18mm wide. The watch isn't Prime-eligible, but shipping is still free.


The watch is also on sale at Best Buy, though there it's only reduced down to $318.

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