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Motorola Sued For $5 Million Over Poor Warranty Support

When you buy an expensive electronic device with a warranty, you hope you never have to use said warranty. It's always at least somewhat of a pain. For many Motorola customers, the process has been worse than that. We've been seeing an unusual number of complaints about Motorola's warranty support lately, and it looks like it might finally be coming back to bite the company. A $5 million class action complaint has been filed because of Moto's ongoing warranty issues.

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[Deal Alert] Moto 360 v2 And Moto 360 Sport Come With Free $50 Gift Card At Best Buy

Had your eye on one of those Motorola Android Wear watches? Now might be the time to strike with a $50 gift card when you buy a Moto 360 from Best Buy. This deal covers all versions of the Moto 360 (both sizes) and the more recently released Moto 360 Sport.

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[Deal Alert] Black Moto 360 Sport Temporarily Drops To $248 On Amazon - About $50 Off

The Moto 360 Sport is a lot like the standard second gen device, only with a silicone strap and a display with greater outdoor visibility. Some people, myself included, think that this means it should sell for less than the regular version of the watch which is outfitted with more premium materials.

Well, Motorolla may not agree with that idea, but Amazon is apparently on board with it because the price on the black model of the 360 Sport just dropped more than 50 bucks to $248.27. This is not an announced sale and may be Amazon's way of clearing a little extra inventory.

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The Google Store Stops Selling The Original Moto 360 And Sony SmartWatch 3

There are many ways to go about getting your hands on an Android Wear device, but if your preferred method consists of ordering from the Google Store, there are two fewer options for you to consider. The original Moto 360 and the Sony SmartWatch 3 are no longer showing up for sale on the site.

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[Deal Alert] Woot Has The Original Moto 360 (Gold, Large Or Small Metal Band) For $149.99, Today Only

Android Wear devices seem to be discounted pretty heavily after their initial retail release, so long as you wait long enough. For example, Motorola's original Moto 360 sold for around $300 at release, but the daily deal site Woot is offering a Champagne model with a metal band for just $149.99. This is the gold-ish version with a matching band in both large and small sizes. That's $150 off of the original price for the all-metal version of the 360, or $80 off of the gold model.

The same configuration costs about $220 elsewhere, in both the smaller (18mm) and larger (23mm) band options, both of which are available on Woot.

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[Deal Alert] Refurbished Sony Smartwatch 3 $99 On eBay

The first gen Android Wear devices are getting a little long in the tooth, but in the electronics world, with age comes a dramatic drop in price. The smartwatch I have worn daily for the past 9 months is the Sony Smartwatch 3, and I have to say, I don't really feel any need to replace it.

The watch has great battery life, WiFi, GPS, and while the transflective display isn't the prettiest, it sure is functional for outdoor use. The water resistance and silicone band keep me from worrying about damaging it while working in the hospital and MicroUSB charging makes it the easiest Android Wear device to top off when out of the house.

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1st Gen Moto 360 Is Now Only $99.99 In The Google Store Following Another Price Drop

As is often the case with technological innovation, the 2nd gen Moto 360 is a better product than its predecessor. And just as unsurprisingly, the older model continues to drop in price. Whereas starting this summer you could snag one on the Google Store for $150, the circular smartwatch now goes for $100.

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Huawei Watch vs. Moto 360 v2: Which One Belongs On Your Wrist?

The first few Android Wear watches from mid-2014 were watches in name only. They were really more like tiny screens strapped to your wrist that told the time. The design of Android Wear devices has evolved significantly since then, and now there are some that look like honest-to-goodness watches. The second gen Moto 360 and Huawei Watch are the most watch-like so far, but they aren't cheap. Let's see how they compare so you can (maybe) pick up the right one for you.

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Second Generation Moto 360 Charging Dock Now Available For Purchase On The Google Store For $40

Android Wear devices have gone from novelty to necessity for many of us Android lovers in the past year. They are just so doggone handy, and some of them also make quite a fashion statement. One of the better looking devices on the market is the second generation Moto 360.

The problem the 360 has, along with every other Android Wear device, is that the battery depletes rather quickly, especially when compared to a traditional watch. Fortunately, the watch is pretty easy to charge thanks to a handy dock that is like a tiny little throne for your 360.


I mean, look at that thing, it's adorable.

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Moto 360 (2015) Review: The Most Watch-Like Android Wear Device Yet

Motorola kicked off the age of Android Wear when it announced the original 360 more than six months before it was finally released. It was a beautiful piece of hardware, but was saddled with an ancient TI OMAP ARM chip and recessed lugs that led to cracked back panels. The second generation device addresses many of the shortcomings of that wearable, but some of them are still staring you in the face. Still, it might be the watch you've been waiting for.

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