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[Oh My God Becky] The Moto 360 Looks Enormous In This 'Android Wear Design Story' Post You Might Want To Read Maybe

So, Google posted this 'An Android Wear Design Story' thing that's probably moderately interesting if you want some insight into app development on Android Wear and the process of designing an experience appropriate for a smartwatch, but the only thing I came out of that post not being able to forget was this. Freaking. Photo.


My reaction is best summarized by the timecoded YouTube clip below.

The Moto 360 is huge.

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Motorola's Design Face-Off Contest Hints At Possible $249 Price For Moto 360

The Moto 360 is shaping up to be a really cool Android Wear device with its round display and premium look.The outside is only part of the equation, though. Motorola is still looking for some design inspiration to make the Moto 360 all it can be. So it's having a little contest. Designers are invited to create watch faces in the Moto 360 Design Face-Off. The winner gets a Moto 360 valued at $249.

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Motorola Accidentally Posts (Then Removes) Image Showing 7 Band Options For Moto 360

Lurking on Motorola's Moto 360 product page was an image you weren't meant to see. Hidden from view, was a promo graphic showing the selection of watch bands. It was later removed from the page completely. Only metal and a light brown leather band were announced last week, but this image shows seven leather straps.


It looks like the image was not ready for public consumption – there's a snippet of Lorem Ipsum above the title.

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[Weekend Poll] Android Wear Is Here, But Is A Smartwatch's OS Really Important To You?

While some would call it an inevitable eventuality, others were taken a bit aback when Google teased a wearable SDK at SXSW a couple weeks back, and later announced Android Wear. For those of you playing at home, Google has created no fewer than five variants of the Android OS tuned to a specific piece or style of hardware to date - Google TV, Chromecast (which does indeed run Android), Google Glass, Nexus Q, and now Android Wear.

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Motorola: The 360 Will Be Compatible With All Android Devices Running 4.3 And Above (And More Details From The 360 Hangout)

During the Q&A section of Motorola's Moto 360 Hangout today, a few interesting questions surfaced. In typical industry fashion, however, Motorola wasn't quite ready to give any sort of definitive answers on many of them. Still, there were a few small gems in the mix, including a big one on everyone's mind: will it work with all Android devices, or just those manufactured by Motorola? The answer was very clear: it will work with all (assumingly current) Motorola devices, as well as all others running Android 4.3 and above.

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