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Moto 360 Shipments Have Gone Out For Eligible Google I/O Attendees


Did you make it to Google I/O 2014? If so, you've probably been waiting on the edge of your seat for Google to send a Moto 360 to each of this year's attendees. Well, the wait is over! Almost. Shipping notifications have gone out to each of the lucky recipients indicating that the packages are on the way.


The packages are coming out of Fremont, California with 2-day shipping via FedEx. For most of us, that's going to mean they'll arrive at our homes -or wherever you asked for them to be sent- on Wednesday the 10th.

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Verizon Has The Moto 360 With Metal Band Up For Pre-Order, Estimated Delivery Date November 11th

We knew Motorola was planning to sell the Moto 360 with a metal band later this fall, but Verizon already has a pre-order page up. That's the good news. The not so good news is that it won't ship until November 11th, according to the site. Ouch.

2014-09-08 04_16_28-Moto 360 with Metal Band _ Verizon Wireless - Verizon Wireless

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[Weekend Poll] Did You Buy A Moto 360?

If you're in one of the eligible countries, you're probably well aware that the Moto 360 has begun shipping, so we want to know if you bought one.

The Moto 360 is easily the most anticipated Android Wear device to date, and possibly even the most awaited smartwatch. Its semi-circular display and very modern but still watch-like design have been huge factors here - I would definitely agree the 360 is still the best-looking smartwatch we've seen, even compared to concept hardware.

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Motorola Connect App Updated With Support For The Moto 360 And Power Pack Micro, But It Has Some Compatibility Issues

Motorola has some new gadgets coming out soon that round out its consumer electronics lineup. You've probably heard of the Moto 360, which is speeding its way towards some of your mailboxes right now. Motorola also announced the Power Pack Micro, a portable battery pack/Bluetooth phone finder combo, along with the new models of the Moto X and Moto G. To make both of them work to their full potential, you'll need the new Motorola Connect app.

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Moto 360 Orders Are Already Shipping From Motorola [Update: Best Buy Too]

If you were lucky enough to get an order placed for the Moto 360 on Motorola's website before they went out of stock, keep an eye on your email. Motorola has already gotten some orders out the door at its Texas facility, with an expected arrival date of Tuesday, September 9th.

2014-09-05 23.41.29

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Moto 360 Now Available Online From,, And Google Play; Best Buy Stores September 14

Update: Best Buy and Google Play are both now showing the Moto 360 as sold out. Best Buy has announced that all of its brick and mortar stores should have the watch on display in person on Sunday, September 14th.

Just slightly behind schedule, Moto 360 links have now appeared at Best Buy, Google Play, and At Best Buy and Google Play, the watch is available in silver with a gray leather band or black with a matching black band.

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[Update: Working Again] You Can Buy A Moto 360 From Motorola Right Now Using These Links

Update: It appears the links are working, and the watches are showing In Stock once again after an overnight hiatus. Order away, folks!

The Moto 360 is supposed to go on sale in the U.S. at noon ET September 5th (that's tomorrow if you're reading this as it's posted). However, it appears that you can add the two available variants to your cart and checkout with the right links, which we are happy to provide.

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The Moto 360 Is Official With A TI OMAP 3 Processor, 6 Custom Watch Faces, And Included Wireless Charging Dock—Available At Noon EST September 5th

Motorola is taking to YouTube with demo videos of its new device before updating the website. If you fancy a closer look at the Moto 360, we've got the official video right here. Spoiler: it looks sweet.

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Tired Of Waiting For The Moto 360? So Is LG: They Just Teased A Round "G Watch R" For IFA

Ever since the reveal of Android Wear, we've been waiting for that awesome-looking Moto 360 watch with the circular screen. And waiting. And waiting. Though it looks like the release or at least the announcement might finally come next month, LG isn't missing the opportunity to get people excited for their second Android Wear device after the G Watch. Behold, LG's 30-second teaser for a watch announcement at the IFA show, which starts in Berlin in just under two weeks.

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[Weekend Poll] At $250, Will You Buy A Moto 360?

Earlier this morning, US big box electronics retailer Best Buy let the product page for the Moto 360 loose a little early, and with that slipup came some seemingly concrete information. The Moto 360 will cost $250 - a price which likely comes in at or below most estimates we've seen for the device to date.


There's still no solid ship date, but this number has probably sealed the deal for a lot of you in regard to deciding whether or not to purchase a 360.

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