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You may want to cancel your Instacart order for next week — workers plan to strike (Update: Instacart responds)

According to a report published earlier today by Vice's Motherboard, Instacart workers are planning a nationwide strike next Monday, March 30th. Instacart's shoppers, who handle the "front-line" work of actually buying the goods you order, are requesting additional benefits from the company, including access to hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and soap; an expansion of paid sick leave to cover those with pre-existing conditions warned not to work; and an extra $5 per order as hazard pay.

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Some carrier RCS implementations have security issues

The biggest issue with RCS prior to Google's benevolent rollout was the sheer volume of implementations. Every carrier had its own spin on the standard with proprietary seasoning on top, and few of the systems talked to one another. Beyond the practical limitations imposed on customers' cross-carrier communications, it turns out these customized versions are also exposing users to security vulnerabilities, based on details dug up by a cybersecurity firm in a recent report by Motherboard.

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