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Monument Valley 2 is free right now on the Google Play Store

Monument Valley 2, the second entry in the much-loved puzzle game series, is free right now over on the Google Play Store. For the low, low price of nothing, you can distract yourself from the world's woes in a brightly colored Escheresque dream, and knowledge of the first game isn't required to enjoy.

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Monument Valley creator ustwo is working on two new games

Levels is a new video series from Red Bull that dives into the world of indie gaming. The latest episode reveals that ustwo, the creators of Monument Valley, is currently working on two new games for mobile. Both titles are described as departures from the Monument Valley franchise.

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Both Monument Valley titles are down to $1 on the Play Store

Ustwo's beautiful Monument Valley titles are very clever, satisfying puzzlers, but at $4 and $5 for the original and its sequel, respectively, they're a little pricier than some mobile gamers are comfortable with. If you've been hesitant to try them out, maybe this will entice you: both are currently just 99 cents on the Play Store.

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Monument Valley 2 is available on Android today for $4.99

The original Monument Valley won our hearts in 2014 with its clever puzzles and beautiful low-poly design. Now, the sequel has launched on Android as promised. The game can be yours for $4.99—no in-app purchases, ads, or timers.

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Monument Valley 2 is finally coming to Android on November 6th

About two months ago ustwo games put Monument Valley 2 up on the Play Store as a pre-registration title. Well, it would appear that they have finally settled on a release date for Android, the 6th of November. So get ready people, because we are really close to finally being able to enjoy the sequel's fresh escher-like puzzle gameplay on Android.

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Monument Valley 2 is up for pre-registration in the Play Store

The original Monument Valley launched in 2014 and immediately captured everyone's attention with its impossible Escher-esque world of forced perspective and intuitive touch controls. There have been a few add-ons to the game since then, but now a true sequel is about to launch on Android—Monument Valley 2 is live for pre-registration on the Play Store.

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