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Periscope adds 'Super Hearts' that can be obtained only via in-app purchase

How do you tell a Periscope streamer you like what they've got? Hearts. How do you tell them you really like what they've got? Super Hearts. The latter is a new item in the Periscope app, and it'll cost you. Twitter has added in-app purchases for Super hearts to its live streaming app to squeeze some revenue out of the previously free service.

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Uber finally adds tipping, but only in select cities to start

Uber is in damage control mode following a string of negative stories in the press. It's gotten so bad that CEO Travis Kalanick has stepped down. So now, Uber is launching a program to appease its drivers called "180 Days of Change." The first change is tipping, which somehow Uber hadn't added in its eight years of existence.

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LG Pay launches in South Korea on the LG G6

Samsung launched a payment platform a few years back, and we should have known then it was only a matter of time before LG did the same. Indeed, LG announced several months ago that it was getting its own phone-based payment system. The predictably named LG Pay has launched, but only in South Korea for now.

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PayPal Android app updated with Xoom money sending features for 62 countries

Yesterday PayPal updated its Android app to take advantage of Xoom, a service that allows you to transfer money internationally. PayPal acquired Xoom back in 2015 and only began integrating Xoom's features into its own services late last year. With Xoom users can send money to people in over 62 countries via a few different means, including topping up prepaid phones. Anyone who may be regularly sending cash to friends or family abroad will likely welcome the new Xoom integration.

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Snapchat says it spent $2.3 billion last quarter to pull in just $149 million in revenue

Messaging apps are a hot business lately, and Snapchat is one of the hottest. I mean, all the kids are using it, and kids are never wrong about anything. Snap (the parent company of Snapchat) just announced its earnings for Q1 of 2017, but it didn't really earn anything. In fact, it lost a stupendous amount of money, about $2.2 billion.

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Play Store adds carrier billing for Tele2 in the Netherlands, Smartfren in Indonesia, VIP in Croatia, and more


Samsung Pay launches in Sweden and UAE, enters early access in Hong Kong and Switzerland

Samsung has been slowly but steadily adding new markets to Samsung Pay, which is now supported in more than a dozen countries. That includes a few new ones today. Residents of Sweden (previously in beta) and the UAE can start making payments today. There's also early access (i.e. a beta) for Samsung Pay in Hong Kong and Switzerland.

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Microsoft announces Minecraft Marketplace to sell community content inside the game

People love Minecraft, and Microsoft loves that people love Minecraft. Still, wouldn't it be nice if Microsoft could make some more money? That's where the new Minecraft Marketplace comes in. It's a marketplace (duh) where community creators can list content for sale, and Microsoft gets a taste of the action.

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Amazon Cash lets you shop on Amazon without a debit or credit card.

Amazon has rolled out a new service today aimed at making it easier to shop online with cash. Well, indirectly. It's actually making it easier to turn your cash into Amazon money. Amazon Cash lets you transfer cash into your Amazon account, which can then be used to buy things from the retailer. No credit? No problem.

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Google welcomes 51 new smaller banks to the Android Pay fold

Here we are again with some more banks/credit unions added to Android Pay's list of friendlies. We've hit the point where most of the major banks and cards are supported, and now there's a huge list of 51 new institutions that can take advantage of contactless payments.

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