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These are all the Pixel 4a cases you can buy from Google right now

Google's latest smartphone has been announced and it's ready to roll out to the masses. If you've already put in an order for the Pixel 4a, or will be soon, you may also want to pick up a case so your new phone doesn't have to endure the elements alone. Google has its own first-party case, but unlike the old days, other manufacturers are collaborating to have options available right away. There will be plenty of other manufacturers with cases coming out as well, but for this list we're sticking to the Made For Pixel partners Google has featured in the store.

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Moment Father's Day sale offers lots of great gift ideas for up to half off

With Father's Day coming up in just a couple weeks, it's time to start shopping for gifts. Moment just kicked off its Father's Day sale with some good options that he probably wouldn't consider for himself. There are discounts on cases and lenses, of course, but you'll also find wireless chargers, camera gear, drones, and other accessories for 20%-50% off. And if you're hitting video chat hard these days for work, or just to call dad, you can even save on the Moment Webcam Set.

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Moment sale takes up to 75% off phone cases

If you've had your eye on a Moment case and were just waiting for a killer sale, there has never been a better time to pick one up. All of Moment's cases are currently on sale for just $20, down from the regular price of $40; and the discounts get bigger with more cases. And while you're shopping cases, many other products from Moment and other brands are also on sale for as much as 30% off.

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Moment releases universal lens mount compatible with most phones and tablets

One of the best things about Android is that you can choose from a multitude phones in many different form factors. Unfortunately, that's the reason accessory makers have a hard time keeping up with so many designs, and as a result, they often don't bother to support more than a select few models. Moment has been in this position for quite a while and regularly hears requests from people that want to use the lenses, but can't get a case for their model of phone. Now Moment is introducing an adjustable clip with a mounting bracket suitable for use on most smartphones and tablets.

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Moment kills its Android camera app, cites constantly-changing software and hardware (Updated)

Moment is one of the largest manufacturers of custom lens attachments for smartphones, with its cases (required for mounting the lenses) available for most flagship Android phones. The company also has a Pro Camera application for shooting manual photos and video, but now Moment is giving up on the Android version of the app.

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Moment announces biodegradable cases for Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra

After yesterday's presentation for the Galaxy S20 line of phones, many of you may have already made the decision to order one of the three models to be your next phone. Since Samsung is sticking to the glass sandwich recipe for this generation, it may be wise to wrap that (potentially $1400) phone in a case to add a bit of protection. If you didn't choose one of Samsung's options, Moment has a couple cases available that might fit the bill, and they are designed to be very environmentally friendly.

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Google Pixel 4 / Pixel 4 XL case roundup: Reviews of the best (and worst) cases out there (Updated)

Times have changed since the era of the $349 Nexus 5 and $499 Nexus 6P; instead, practically every flagship smartphone nowadays, Google's included, costs at least $800. The $800 Pixel 4 and the $900 Pixel 4 XL feel pretty great in the hand caseless, but if you don't want to risk damaging your shiny new gadget, a case is a must. A screen protector would be good to have, too.

This roundup will feature a wide variety of cases (and some screen protectors). Each review will contain the pros and cons, a few paragraphs on the experience, and a verdict. We will continually update the list as more cases come in.

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Moment Winter Clearance Sale offers up to 50% off cases, lenses, bags, and more

Moment's product lineup has grown quite a bit since the humble days of making a few lenses and smartphone cases. To make room for new products, Moment is running a sale with deals on cases, lenses, bags, and more. This includes both Moment's own gear, plus many of the partner brands like Peak Design, WANDRD, iMo, and even DJI.

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Moment Holiday Sale is live with up to 40% off on cases, lenses, and tons of other gear

It's rush time for Black Friday deals, even if it's not actually Friday yet, so you've been watching to see what each company has in store. Moment just started it's Holiday Sale and it's their biggest ever. Over 30 brands are taking part with discounts up to 40% on many items (and a rare few at 50% off if you look closely). There are also deals on Moment's new video tutorials and even upcoming photo tours and workshops.

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Moment's brand new Fisheye 14mm lens is fun, versatile, and 25% off at launch

Last year, Moment revisited its Tele 60mm lens to redesign it with modern smartphones in mind. The outcome was a new Tele 58mm that delivers a sharper image and eliminates the vignetting that was so common with the wider lenses of most new smartphones. Moment is back at it again this year, but this time it's the Superfish lens going under the microscope. There's now a new Fisheye 14mm with similarly big improvements over the original, and we got to spend a little time to test out what the new glass can do.

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