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RED reveals Hydrogen Two and 8K camera module are in development, founder promises they won't suck this time

Powerful. Ambitious. Extravagant. These were some of the words RED would have wanted people to think of when describing the Hydrogen One. Instead, most people were left calling the phone and its launch schedule overpriced, underwhelming, and tumultuous. Our review was certainly less than favorable. In a new post by the founder, Jim Jannard, most of the shortcomings of the Hydrogen One can be attributed to problems with their ODM (original design manufacturer). However, they have a new ODM and work has begun on the Hydrogen Two, along with the long-awaited 8K add-on camera module.

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[Update: RED responds] RED pulls references to promised Hydrogen One add-on modules

The RED Hydrogen One was possibly the most disappointing smartphone of 2018. There was a great deal of hype around the devices, as it was being created by one of the world's top camera companies. Instead of a phone with an amazing camera, like most people expected, we got a very expensive phone with a mediocre camera and a strange 3D screen gimmick. Now it seems one of the phone's selling points might never show up.

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LG knows that people are not interested in modular phones, so it will shift future focus to design and usability

Shockingly, LG has come to the conclusion that the mass consumer market is just not interested in modular devices — most especially when those modules require dropping more money in addition to the MSRP of the phone. And some of the modules were not exactly inexpensive. So, who's surprised about this? Anyone?

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Report: LG will get rid of its Friends modules for the G6

The LG G5 isn't a terrible phone, but its sales figures would definitely lead you to think otherwise. LG's effort to incorporate "Friends" modules into the G5 caused the phone to fail in a number of aspects. With the recently-released V20, the company ditched the Friends idea, and according to reports coming out of South Korea, it will do the same with the G5's successor, the G6.

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BLOCKS Modular Smartwatch Video Shows Off A Prototype With Interchangeable Modules

Modular design is the coming thing in smartphones... at least it is according to LG and Motorola Lenovo. But what about smartwatches? At least one group seems intent on translating the idea to wearables. The BLOCKS design uses a conventional smartwatch body that houses the primary screen, battery, and SoC, but adds extra functionality via modules that snap into the body like links in a metal band. It's a lot like the Project Ara idea, but integrating the modules into a functional band makes for a surprisingly elegant product.

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Motorola Reportedly Prepping Two Moto X Phones With Modular Attachments Called 'Amps'

The most recent leak of Motorola's upcoming Moto X refresh had everyone wondering what those unusual holes on the back panel were for. We speculated about the possibility of modular accessories, and a new report from VentureBeat supports that. In addition, this weekend's leak actually shows two different phones, both of which will be sold under the Moto X brand.

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