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iFixit's Google Home teardown reveals Chromecast guts

Google's entry into the connected home market looks unassuming, but has thus far proved to be amusing. Even though it might be lacking in features and integrations right now, that could easily change down the road. In the spirit of Home's release, iFixit has given us their sacred teardown tradition to determine repairability for the smart speaker. Complete with photos and x-ray shots of the whole process, the process showed a few surprises.

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Report: LG will get rid of its Friends modules for the G6

The LG G5 isn't a terrible phone, but its sales figures would definitely lead you to think otherwise. LG's effort to incorporate "Friends" modules into the G5 caused the phone to fail in a number of aspects. With the recently-released V20, the company ditched the Friends idea, and according to reports coming out of South Korea, it will do the same with the G5's successor, the G6.

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