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LG Announces The LG G5 And Friends: CAM Plus, Hi-Fi Plus, 360 VR, 360 CAM, And Rolling Bot

Out of this year's Mobile World Congress flagship announcements, the LG G5 has been one of the most leaked and just as equally intriguing. Now the smartphone has been officially unveiled at the company's press conference in Barcelona and it's not coming alone. Instead, the modular approach to the G5 has allowed LG to introduce a slew of extensions and accessories for the phone. There's a lot to go through, so let's get right to it.


First, the G5 will boast a metal aluminum body with an "invisibly integrated antenna" and a slide-out bottom that lets you easily swap the battery.

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[Update: The Drop Test Part Was A (Dumb) Joke] Project Ara Will No Longer Use Electropermanent Magnets To Connect Modules Because They Don't Pass Drop Tests

Speculation is rampant about the future of Google's incredibly ambitious Project Ara modular phone after news broke a few days ago that the planned 2015 test run in Puerto Rico had been cancelled. Now the Project Ara Twitter accounted has shared a tidbit of news that might offer a partial explanation of the delay. The electropermanent magnets that were supposed to hold the hardware modules in place don't pass drop tests.

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Google Delays Project Ara Until At Least 2016, Still Deciding On Initial Launch Location

The news late last week for Google's modular smartphone initiative was not good. After promising a real world test of Project Ara would take place in 2015, Google finally had to pull back and cancel those plans. A series of tweets today at least provides some clues as to what's next for Ara. There are three tweets which conveniently answer the questions—when, where, and why?

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Nexpaq Modular Phone Case More Than Triples Kickstarter Goal, Seems Marginally More Plausible Than A Modular Phone

There have been a few Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns lately that are pushing the idea of a modular phone similar to Google's Project Ara. These are devices designed by small teams of people without the engineering resources of Google, and if you'll forgive my pessimism, they sound like nonsense. Nexpaq is a somewhat more modest take on the modular phone. The modules plug into the Nexpaq case and you simply drop in your existing phone.

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Latest Video Shows Phonebloks Wants To Stick Modules In More Than Just Phones, Puts Out Call For More Partners

As we've said before, Phonebloks' concept of a modular phone built using swappable, easily upgradeable parts is as awesome as it is unlikely. Yet that doesn't mean we can't sit here, watch the company's videos, and dream. We have our eyes on Project Ara, Google's take on the idea, and we can't wait to see what comes of it. But apparently Phonebloks already sees this as small potatoes. The company doesn't want just a world of modular phones. It wants to see all of our Internet-connected devices utilizing such hardware.

Phonebloks1The idea is that you could take a storage module out of your smart TV and stick it into a laptop, washing machine, or fridge in need of additional space.

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