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Gameloft has officially launched 'Modern Combat Versus,' and it's as dumbed down as ever

Gameloft is one of those publishers that really splits the base of gamers on Android. While many can appreciate the great looking games they bring to the platform, many others will despise the fact that they are all infested with numerous high-priced in-app purchases. Their latest release Modern Combat Versus does no one any favors in this regard.

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Modern Combat 5 Review: A Mobile Shooter Loaded With An Extended Magazine Of Caveats

Like a great many developers, Gameloft has resorted to rolling in-app purchases into most of its games. One notable exception to that de facto rule is the new installment of the Modern Combat series. These games have much more production value than any other mobile first-person shooter, but this is a genre that's notoriously hard to adapt to touchscreens. So, can a big production budget make Modern Combat 5: Blackout worth your time?

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Gameloft's Modern Combat 5 Cracked And Released Early By Contest Winners: 'This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things'

If you've played Gameloft's Modern Combat 5, then statistically speaking, you're almost certainly a pirate. That's because the game hasn't been released yet, and the only ones who have access to the final version are a few people who won a Gameloft contest. At least that's how it's supposed to be - one of the winners passed the game along to some pirates (or just did it themselves), who promptly cracked it and made it available for illegal download.

Eli Hodapp of TouchArcade reported the sad affair on Twitter, and Polygon subsequently got more information off of the official Modern Combat Facebook page.

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Gameloft Expands Modern Combat 4 With Free Meltdown Update: 3 New Maps, 2 New Modes, And Lots Of Explosions

Gameloft's shooter magnum opus is getting a big update today. If you've purchased Modern Combat 4, head to the Play Store to start the download for the Meltdown update - it's free. Those who haven't bought MC4 can get it with a new purchase. The update is fairly typical for a high-profile first-person shooter: new maps, new weapons, and a new specialization class. But what will probably excite fans of the game most are two new multiplayer modes.

They're called Bomb Squad and Destruction, and roughly speaking, they're capture point maps. In Bomb Squad, one team has to secure a location, plant a bomb, and defend it until it goes off, while the opposing team tries to bust in and defuse it.

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Gameloft Posts Very Pretty Modern Combat 5 Gameplay Trailer In Advance Of E3

Gameloft is preparing to unveil the newest incarnation of it's popular and totally original first-person shooter franchise Modern Combat. We can glean several things from the trailer: there will be guns, there will be helicopters, and oh my god the graphics.

This trailer is obviously designed to look as good as it possibly can, but it does seem to be a cut above Gameloft's previous efforts. The level of detail is impressive and texture resolution is very high. If there is a dead giveaway you're gaming on a mobile device, it will be the physics performance, which has always felt lacking in Gameloft titles.

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[Update: Winners!] Win A 32GB Nexus 7, MOGA Pocket, Modern Combat 4, And MC4 Shirts From Gameloft And Android Police

If you're a fan of high quality mobile games, there's a good chance you've at least tried your hand at Gameloft's Modern Combat series. The latest installment – Zero Hourbuilds upon its predecessors to offer some of the most in-depth, graphically rich, immersive gameplay that we've ever seen on a mobile device. It seems like only yesterday graphics like these were considered amazing on consoles – and now they're readily available on phones and tablets. It's kind of crazy when you think about how far the gaming scene has come in such a short period of time.

This contest is now over.

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[New Game] Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Available Now For $6.99, Still Wants To Be Call Of Duty When It Grows Up [Update x3]

Gather round, armchair SEALs: Gameloft has got another military magnum opus for you. Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is available now on the Play Store for seven bones, and purports to work with Android 2.3 and up. But since this series tends to push the boundaries of mobile graphical power (if not originality,) you'll probably need a relatively new Android device to run it well. You'll also need a good bit of space - it weighs in at nearly 2GB. 8GB Nexus 7 and Nexus 4 owners, clear up some room.

The standard gung-ho FPS tropes are present: single-player mode with squad-based combat (heavily influenced by Black Ops 2, by the look of it) and online team-based combat.

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Gameloft Releases Extended Trailer For Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, Blows Our Minds

It's pretty crazy to look at where we are with mobile games right now. Just a few short years ago, the most graphically impressive games we could get on our handsets were really anything but impressive. Now, we have games like Shadowgun, Dead Trigger, and Horn that take mobile gaming to a level that was good enough for the PC not all that long ago.

Gameloft has just released the trailer for Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, which looks like it will raise the bar for mobile graphics even higher. Take a look.

Impressive, no? While there's no definitive date just yet, MC4 should be available sometime this fall.

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Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus Leaves The Exclusivity Of The Gameloft Website, Hits The Android Market

If you just can't get enough first-person-shooter action in your life, then you'll be glad to know that Gameloft released a port of its popular iOS title Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus in the Android Market this morning. Up until now, this game was available exclusively through Gameloft's website, so hopefully this means that we'll start to see more GL titles hit the Android Market moving forward.

This game itself looks like it really lives up to all of the FPS goodness that we've all come to expect from modern games - fast gameplay, multiplayer, and all of the headshots that you can handle.

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