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[Exclusive] An Early Look At Redesigned System Settings In Android N

Android N is expected to show up at I/O in May, but you don't have to wait until the official unveiling to see what the future holds. Following our report on the upcoming changes to the notification shade and quick settings, we've got more details on the system settings in Android N. You might have already seen the settings screenshot with a hamburger menu, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

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[Exclusive] An Early Look At Android N's Redesigned Notification Shade And Quick Settings Panel

Google changed the style of Android's notification shade and quick settings with the release of Android 5.0 Lollipop, and based on an early version of Android N we've seen, it's changing things up again. The look of Android N's notification shade is being altered, but it's more than cosmetic. Notifications will include more info, and quick settings are finally creeping in. The full quick settings UI is getting a new paginated style, and editing tiles will be easier.

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doubleTwist Teases Tablet UI For An Upcoming Version Of Its Popular Android Music Player

doubleTwist is one of the most popular music players available for Android, and it's a rather attractive one to boot. It has large, finger-friendly icons, the standard grid-interface for browsing albums, and an overall dark theme that's easy on the eyes. Unfortunately, this look starts to fall apart when you fire up the app on a tablet, as it suffers from stretched-out-phone-UI syndrome. It's a disease that can afflict even the best Android apps, but doubleTwist has teased a new version of the app that has been completely cured.


This new tablet UI introduces a sidebar for skipping around between the different areas of the app.

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Fluid UI Makes Creating (And Testing) Mobile Design Mockups Faster, Easier, And More Productive

Aiming to "unlock the world's creativity," the team at Fluid Software recently completed a project that began in January 2011 with the release of Fluid UI 1.0. The tool, which is powered by HTML 5 and based online, allows users to quickly and easily create mobile UI mockups for Android (both tablets and phones), as well as iOS using a simple interface that includes all of the basic building blocks (clip art icons, navigation elements, system bars, etc.) for beautiful, style-guide friendly interfaces.

image image

Fluid UI's building interface can link, clone, and add pages and other elements, while providing an impressive array of transition options including various gestures and page-transition animations that are automatically baked in to your mockup.

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[Updated: Here Are The Winners!] Giveaway: Prototyper Lets You Pre-Visualize Working Models Of Your App, We're Giving Away 2 Pro Licenses ($495 Each)

Building apps can be a tough task. It can be difficult visualizing how the functionality of an app and its UI work together before you have a working model. Prototyper aims to alleviate some of that stress by letting you build what appears to be a functional app, without that messy business of it having to work.

This contest is now over. Here are our winners, selected at random:
  • MJ
  • Deepu Mukundan

Congratulations, guys - all of you will be contacted for your information in the near future!

Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements.

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[Updated: v2] Redditor Creates Mock-Up Of Facebook For ICS, We Can Only Drool

Facebook’s current Android app has become the subject of much hatred from the Android community – for one thing, it rarely works properly (if at all); for another, its looks have become quite stale. Sadly, we still haven’t seen any plans for future improvements, so Redditor monkfishbandana took it upon himself to come up with a mock-up of how he believes Facebook for Android should look, especially with a beautiful OS like Ice Cream Sandwich.

Update: The mocks were updated to v2 - you can view them here (via Reddit). The original mocks are preserved below.

Facebook developers, take note:

FB mock-up 1 FB mock-up 2 FB mock-up 3 

FB mock-up 4 FB mock-up 5 FB mock-up 6 

FB mock-up 7 FB mock-up 8 FB mock-up 9

Though there are countless improvements over the real Facebook app, a few key features have been excluded for various reasons:

  • The ‘Timeline’ lacks location and ‘studying at’ icons
  • ‘Request’ notifications have been dropped from the action bar and added to the Friends section
  • The ‘Create Event’ and ‘Create Message’ buttons are missing

Still, it’s a pretty impressive first try, especially considering that monkfishbandana claims he’s only spent a few days on it.

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