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Google Dashboard will soon work better on mobile devices

Google offers so many products and services, it can be hard to keep track of them all. Google tries to address this problem with Dashboard, a place to view all of your account's data in one place. But the page has never had a mobile layout, so trying to use it on phones has been somewhat of a pain.

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Zeiss' VR One Connect bridges the gap between mobile and PC virtual reality

VR doesn't seem to be as exciting these days. Whether it's the limitations of mobile VR (like heat, video quality, and battery drain) or being tethered to your PC with the Rift or Vive, VR doesn't seem that appealing to many people — I, for one, am not one of those, but I digress. To combat some of the weaknesses of both platforms, Zeiss has come up with the VR One Connect, which bridges the gap between mobile and PC virtual reality... in theory.

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YouTube has passed 1 billion hours of videos watched per day, watchtime on TV increasing rapidly

YouTube is no pushover. It's a gargantuan platform for content creators and, odds are, there is something on there for everyone to enjoy. Personally, I watch stuff there more than on Netflix, Hulu, or Plex — it's usually about something involving video games. Turns out that all of us who watch YouTube collectively view 1 billion hours of videos per day. Think about that for a second.

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YouTube mobile live streaming is rolling out for all channels with more than 10,000 subs

There's a reason why services like Periscope and Facebook Live are popular - people love to see what famous people are doing in real time. YouTube has had live streaming for a while now, but the Alphabet company is now rolling out mobile live streaming.

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Republic Wireless 'Bonded Calling' Simultaneously Uses WiFi And Cellular Data For Improved Call Quality

Many carriers now offer some form of WiFi calling, but Republic Wireless bases its entire business model on making WiFi calls a seamless part of the experience. A new feature of Republic Wireless' hybrid MVNO network called Bonded Calling aims to improve call quality by using both WiFi and cellular data at the same time to fill in the gaps when you're stuck on a spotty WiFi network.

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Google Design's Resizer Lets You Test Your Sites Across Multiple Desktop And Mobile Screen Resolutions And Layouts

If you develop for the web, one challenge you always come across is how to make the best use of screen estate across so many different screens, layouts, and resolutions. It used to be that people only browsed from their computers which had a few limited screen resolutions possible. Now that number has risen, and with the advent of mobiles and tablets, the number of possibilities has gone up even more. Not to mention landscape and portrait orientations, which complicate things further.

Viewing what a site looks like on different screens simultaneously can make things easier on developers and designers, especially when they want to check out many websites and get some ideas from what others are doing.

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New Image Search Results Layout (With Related Images) Rolling Out After Long Test

Another long design test appears to be drawing to a close for Google. After apparently beginning a wider rollout for the new mobile search UI (in testing since April), it seems that Google is making the revised image results UI final too.

This layout has been popping up since at least May, with a brighter, more crisp interface that offers more iconography, refined typography, and - yes - a section for related images.

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Google Docs, Sheets, And Slides Viewers Receive An Updated Look In Mobile Web Browsers

If you have opened a Google document, spreadsheet, or presentation in a web browser on your mobile device in the past week, you may have noticed that Google is rolling out a new look.

The updated interface is simpler, and the changes are consistent across all three services. An action bar stretches across the top that lets you go back or start editing. The title of the document sits in the center. In most cases the bar is gray, but it turns dark when viewing slides.


Google is taking this time to phase out the ability to edit Docs files on the web.

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Google Appears To Be Testing New Design Tweaks For Its Mobile Web Results Page

It seems like just yesterday when Google was testing a new layout for the search engine results page, with colorful underlines separating search results into individual cards.

That layout ended up sticking, and now it seems Google is at it again, testing some rather pleasing new tweaks for the SERP.

We can't be sure just yet who will see these changes or whether they'll become permanent, but check out the before and after shots provided by a tipster below.

nexus2cee_screenshot_2015-04-16-13-28-41 (1) nexus2cee_screenshot_2015-04-16-13-21-00 (1)

left: current layout right: new layout

The new layout is undeniably more influenced by Google's material design. The only information missing in the new view is one search result and one line of text indicating that a user has visited a results page before (but that may be because the new layout appeared for our tipster only in incognito mode).

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Google Testing New, More Colorful Search Results Layout On Mobile

Search, as the foundational product Google is known for, is obviously something the company is very thoughtful of when it comes to design. Even small changes can cause a big impact on user experience and engagements, so Google is careful about how design tweaks are implemented.

One common method of testing and easing into (or out of) design tweaks is A/B testing (something we recently saw Google experimenting with in the Google+ app). Today, it looks like Google has begun an experiment on its search engine results page when users search from Chrome on mobile devices. Rather than show results in a lineup, separated by gray lines, Google is playing with a layout that puts each result on its own card, underscored by a line colored to match one of Google's four primary brand colors - blue, green, yellow, and red.

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