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Motorola has an MWC event scheduled for February 26

It feels like we just put CES behind us, yet our sights are set on the next big event. Mobile World Congress is coming, held at the end of February in Barcelona as always. Various companies will be sending out event invites and announcements in the coming days and weeks. Motorola is no exception. We received our graphic and while obviously not detailed as to the specifics of the event, I am sure that most of us can guess what we are going to see there.

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[Update: Blade V7 Lite Too] ZTE Reveals The Blade V7, A Mishmash Of Decent Hardware, Mixed Styling, And Android 6.0

ZTE doesn't want to talk about the Blade V7 phone they have on the slate for Mobile World Congress, at least not yet. A promotional website has a small image and a broken link, but if you put in the URL manually, you can see the newly-announced device in all its golden mid-range glory. The V7 kind of looks like the bastard child of an iPhone and one of HTC's later One devices (sorry, ZTE, but that circle home button and custom icon theme are pretty telling), but it's none the worse for being born out of wedlock.

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HTC Brings The Formerly China-Exclusive One X9 To North Asia, Europe, The Middle East, And Africa

Two months ago (after no small amount of leaking) HTC announced the One X9, a variant phone with elements of its One line, exclusively for the vast Chinese market. Today in Barcelona the company has announced that it will expand the availability of said phone, bringing it to "North Asia" and the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) zone later this month. Specific countries and prices haven't been released, but in China it launched for 2399 yuan, about $370 USD.


The One X9 is a bit like a bigger, beefier A9, with a 5.5-inch 1080p screen and a MediaTek X10 processor.

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Lenovo's MWC 2016 Lineup Aims For The Low End With Cheap Vibe K5 Phones And Tab3 Tablets

Mobile World Congress has become the premiere stage for new phones and tablet introductions, and since Lenovo saves its Motorola portfolio for the latter half of the year, it's time for the first-party devices to shine. Well, shimmer. Perhaps "gleam" would be a better word. Out of five new phones and tablets introduced on the show floor, none of them are particularly mind-blowing, and the phones are unlikely to make it to stores in the US or Europe. Anyway, let's take it from the top:

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MWC 2016: What To Expect From The World's Biggest Smartphone Show

We're in Barcelona! And I'm struggling to stay awake. It's 3PM here in one of my favorite places to visit (I've been doing it five years now, after all), and I am jet lagged to an extent I've scarcely ever experienced. But 2016 is shaping up to be one of the busiest MWCs ever in terms of smartphone news, and we're just getting started. Over the next couple of days, you'll see big announcements from the likes of LG, Samsung, Alcatel, possibly Sony, maybe a few things from HTC, and likely dozens of smaller companies looking to get their share of the limelight.

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Archos Announces New 7, 8, And 10-inch Oxygen Tablets Before MWC, All Running Android 6.0 And All Under $175 USD

Archos has kind of fallen off the radar in terms of tablet sales. Maybe it's different in Europe (Archos is a French company), but these days you won't see any of its products on American shelves. And considering the relative paucity of Android tablets in general as of late, that's a shame. Especially when you hear that Archos is making three new tablets at a variety of sizes and, miracle of miracles, they're all running the latest version of Android at launch.

So it is with the new Oxygen series of tablets: the 70, 80, and 101b at 7-inch, 8-inch, and 10.1-inches, respectively.

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Samsung's 'Seven Days Of Unboxing' Promotion For The Galaxy S7 Features A Painting Llama

Phone manufacturers are having a harder and harder time getting our attention when it comes to drumming up interest for new releases. LG decided that cheeky marketing would be best when announcing cases and covers for phones that don't officially exist yet. In contrast, Samsung has decided to be just plain baffling. In the "Seven Days of Unboxing" promotion, Samsung lets someone see the new phone (which is almost certainly a Galaxy S7 and/or S7 Edge) for 30 seconds, after which they get to make an artist's interpretation for the audience.

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LG Announces New X Series Smartphones Ahead Of Mobile World Congress

LG likes to do this thing where it announces devices and accessories before the trade show where they'll actually get announced or shown off, and late last night the company did just that with the new X series smartphones. Basically, this is a new line of mid-range phones from LG that will offer "one exceptional feature." It kind of doesn't make sense until you actually see what each of these phones is all about.


First off is the X screen. This phone takes the V10's unique "second screen" and makes it available in a more affordable model (though exact pricing hasn't been announced).

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LG Announces A Fancy Touch-Enabled Cover For The G5 Before The Phone Itself

LG is really excited about the G5. So excited, in fact, that they just can't wait until Mobile World Congress later this month. To tide themselves over for the next few weeks, the PR folks have officially announced a cover for the LG G5 with a familiar see-through window and the capability to perform some basic functions with a touch-sensitive material. Most of the "Quick Cover" is translucent, allowing things like the phone answer or decline slider to be seen even when it's closed. This is presumably integrated with the always-on display that was previously teased. The design is similar to HTC's Dot View design, though the dots that make up the translucent cover seem much finer.

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Sony Sends Out Invites To Mobile World Congress 2016

There are a ton of events all year round where companies get to show off their latest products and fancy new tech. Just a couple of weeks ago, we had CES 2016 — one of the most prominent electronics shows of the year, which featured everything from smart fridges to smart belts. The next major exhibition, MWC 2016, is more focused on mobile tech and is scheduled to begin on February 22nd in Barcelona.

In preparation for the event, Sony is sending out invites to the press conference it will hold on February 22nd at 08:30 CET (that's 07:30 UTC or 11:30 PM Pacific time, February 21st).

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