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Mobile World Congress 2020 is officially canceled (Update: Statement)

The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has thrown a wrench in plans for Mobile World Congress, the annual mobile technology showcase that takes place in Barcelona, Spain. Hours after the GSMA insisted the show would continue, the show has been canceled entirely.

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Lenovo's 7" Tab V7 phablet arrives in April for €249

At MWC 2019, Lenovo announced its new Android product, the Tab V7. The pitch here is that you'll get all of the benefits of a tablet along with normal phone capabilities like calls, texts, and data. It's priced to impress, that is if you're in the market for an over-sized phone with budget-tier specs.

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MWC roundup: All the things we saw at 2018's Mobile World Congress

The 2018 Mobile World Congress ended just last week, and over the course of the week-ish of announcements, there was a lot of news to cover. Just in case you happened to miss any, we've put together a quick little list of all the things we wrote about from MWC this year, plus a few things we saw that didn't merit their own post, all mixed in with a big gallery of photos.

Consider this your yearly dose of MWC-substitute. I promise it tastes as good as the real thing. 

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Android Police's Best of MWC 2018 awards

This year's MWC just wrapped up a few days ago, but for almost a week, news from the event dominated our feed. Numerous individual product announcements occurred in Barcelona this year, and now that it's over, we've handed out seven awards to different manufacturers. Some of them are things you can buy now, some of them are things you can buy later, and some are for things you'll never be able to purchase. But Mobile World Congress (as the name suggests) is about phones, and here are our favorites from MWC 2018. 

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Weekend poll: What phone do you think stole the show at MWC 2017?

MWC 2017 is over, and now we all know what was unveiled. Sony, Motorola, LG, Nokia, BlackBerry Huawei, and others all unveiled new smartphones ranging from the most basic to flagship-level, and this weekend's poll will have you pick among some of the most prominent contenders for a winner.

To give you a brief rundown, the highlights were: the LG G6, Sony's Xperia XZ Premium, BlackBerry's KeyONE, Huawei's P10, Nokia's various Android phones (and the 3310), and Moto's G5 and G5 Plus.

Between them, who do you think came away with the lion's share of the glory?

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Motorola announces new Moto Mods, including a Power Pack, gamepad, and more

Motorola's big announcement today was the new Moto G5 and G5 Plus, but it also had some news for Moto Z owners. The company previously committed to at least 12 new Moto Mods every year, with several announced today to be released over the first half of 2017.

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[Hands-on] Samsung announces its latest premium Android tablet, the Galaxy Tab S3, with a stand-alone S-Pen

Samsung seems to be pretty much the only player in the shrunken market of premium Android tablets – even Google doesn’t appear all that keen on any new Pixel tablet hardware. The Galaxy Tab S line started with a bang as the only tablet option with an AMOLED screen, while the Tab S2 aligned Samsung’s designs more closely with Apple’s iPad Mini and Air. The latest version of the hardware, announced today at Mobile World Congress, seems to be aimed squarely at the 9.7-inch version of the iPad Pro, thanks to a redesigned metal/glass body and a stand-alone “S-Pen” stylus.

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Yet another image of the Huawei P10 leaks

Mobile World Congress starts in a few days, and Huawei will be on hand to announce the P10. It's not like we really need it to—the phone has been thoroughly leaked in the run up to MWC, and now there's yet another slip of information. This time our old friend Evan Blass has dropped a high-resolution press image. That's it above.

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Samsung sets its MWC press conference for February 26

Phone nerds like us love February (me especially... it's my birthday month) because of the Mobile World Congress. Every year, most of the big players in the industry, and a lot of small ones, make their announcements for their product lineups in Barcelona. Samsung, being no stranger to the event, has scheduled its press conference for February 26.

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Motorola has an MWC event scheduled for February 26

It feels like we just put CES behind us, yet our sights are set on the next big event. Mobile World Congress is coming, held at the end of February in Barcelona as always. Various companies will be sending out event invites and announcements in the coming days and weeks. Motorola is no exception. We received our graphic and while obviously not detailed as to the specifics of the event, I am sure that most of us can guess what we are going to see there.

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