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[Update: New search UI too] on mobile web gains voice search, surprisingly didn't have it already

Voice is quickly becoming a preferred method of search for many mobile users, and Google is responding by pushing voice features to as many of its platforms and services as it can. The latest example is voice search on for mobile web. The tech giant began rolling out the new feature this past week, but it's only available to Android users so far.

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Google might be reinstating 'Quick view' in search results after a four-year hiatus

Search engine enthusiasts with their fingers on the pulse may remember an old Google feature called 'Quick view.' We wrote about it being tested for Wikipedia articles all the way back in 2013, and it seemed destined to be used for other websites, too. Google decided to kill it just a couple of months later, without reason, but it seems it could be coming back in a new guise.

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Google's rounded mobile search redesign is now rolling out to everyone

Google isn't one to rest on its laurels when it comes to the UX of its apps and sites. The company is continually testing different looks as it tries to keep up with the ever-changing design landscape and make its products as easy to use as possible. Search is still the company's bread and butter, and accordingly, it gets A/B tested more than most other properties. These latest changes have been tested to varying extents in recent months, and from the numerous tips we've had it seems they're being rolled out more-widely now. Let's take a look at what's new.

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Google Image Search on mobile is getting an updated UI

Google doesn't tend to rest on its laurels when it comes to the design of its search interface, be it in the Google app or in browser, and it's always testing new ways to make search results easier for users to navigate and in turn generate those all-important clickthroughs. A couple of months ago badges were added to make it easier to find recipes and products, and now further changes have been made that make the image search UI a little clearer.

It's when you tap on a result that things change. The new design includes an "X" in the top left corner to go back to the image search results, the same as would happen if you hit the back button.

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Snapchat is acquiring search and recommendation service Vurb, winner of TechCrunch Disrupt

Snapchat is quickly becoming the place where teenargers, young adults, and even older generations share what they're doing and communicate with each other. Now the service is looking to buy Vurb, a start-up specialized in mobile search, recommendations, and discovery.

Vurb had won TechCrunch's Disrupt in 2014 with its idea of a mobile search engine that serves you relevant results in the form of cards from the apps you care about most, like Yelp, Google Maps, Fandango, Netflix, Uber, and so on, and combines them together in a way that makes sense: take a ride, watch a movie, get dinner, get another cab home.

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Google Will Soon Take 'Mobile-Friendly' Search Rankings Boost Away From Sites That Prompt Users To Download An App Before Accessing Content

Remember Mobilegeddon? This was Google's search ranking change for searches done on smartphones that placed pages that are "mobile-friendly" higher. For people who don't run non-mobile-friendly websites, this was a relatively non-controversial change.

Of course, it is up to Google to decide what does and does not make a good website for the small screen. Today, they announced that a big prompt—also known as an interstitial—telling you to install an app makes a website not worthy of the "mobile-friendly" label and the benefits that come with it.

Screenshot_2015-09-01-20-53-12 Screenshot_2015-09-01-20-54-47

Unlike the original change, there are some real heavy hitters that use this tactic.

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Today Is 'Mobilegeddon,' When Google Begins Prioritizing Phone-Friendly Websites In Search

I'm sure you've already heard, but today there are changes coming of biblical proportions. Wait, you didn't hear about Mobilegeddon? This is indeed the term being applied to a Google search algorithm update being applied today that will rank mobile-optimized sites higher in searches from phones. The big drama about this is that, well, Google is very powerful and changes to their ranking systems have a habit of being destructive to affected sites. Mobilegeddon gets a name due in large part to the fact that it's the rare algorithm change that Google has detailed and warned about in advance of its rollout, having set a date back in February.

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Google Turns On Universal Suggest In Mobile Search

Today Google announced universal search suggestions on the mobile version of their search page. It has been enabled on all major smartphone platforms, so even our iPhone carrying “friends” should be able to partake.

Google first made this change on the desktop version of the search page back in December, and while it was neat, I can’t say I’ve really played with it since it was released. This probably has more to do with the fact that I just control+K to the search bar in Firefox or Chrome rather than visit the search page itself. If you missed the original announcement, universal suggestive search provides real time information in the drop down box that appears when you begin typing, in addition to the regular search term suggestions.

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