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JPMorgan Chase Realizes There Are Not Nearly Enough Mobile Payments Services, Announces Creatively-Named Chase Pay

JPMorgan Chase announced a really cool idea today. Rather than use cash, check, or physical credit card, why not use a single service to substitute for all those methods from a mobile device? Knowing that consumers clearly want this and have never heard of anything like it, the banking giant announced Chase Pay, which will indeed be a mobile payments service that ties into Chase bank and credit card accounts. All kidding aside, this looks like a real dud.

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Google: Unsupported Cards Already In Your Google Wallet Can Come To Android Pay, But Only For A Limited Time

Because there's been such tremendous confusion about what cards Android Pay does and does not support, we decided to reach out to Google for some clarification. Basically, we were wondering if cards you have in Google Wallet with tap-and-pay that are not supported in Android Pay will still work once Android Pay arrives. The answer is: yes. But, there are caveats. Let's break this down as a Q&A.

  • If I have cards in my Google Wallet that aren't on the supported card list for Android Pay, can I keep using tap-and-pay for those cards on Android Pay? Yes.

To do this, you will need to open Android Pay and add these cards, then accept the Bancorp virtual card agreement.

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[Update: Wells Fargo Support Live] Android Pay App Will Launch Today, But Does Require The Explicit Support Of Your Credit Card Or Bank

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Rite Aid Will Officially Accept Google Wallet, And Eventually Android Pay, Starting August 15th

The idea of paying using your phone may be exciting, but that's all it will ever be until more stores start playing along. Today Rite Aid announced that you will soon be able to add its nearly 4600 stores to the list. Starting August 15th, it will accept Google Wallet NFC payments in stores. It will also take tap and pay credit cards.

That's right, it'll be like you're shopping at Walgreens. Remember when Android users got to first play around with mobile payments in 2011?

This news comes after Rite Aid previously stopped accepting Google Wallet and threw its weight behind CurrentC, a mobile payments system that retailers liked the idea of more than consumers.

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[I/O 2015] Android Pay Is Now Official, Will Be Available For KitKat And Newer Devices

While we've been following this rumor for months now, Google made Android Pay official during today's keynote. We first heard the name back in February, and knew something was coming ever since they acquired the intellectual property of mobile payment competitor Isis, an agreement that would also make Wallet a pre-installed app on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon phones. Though it was announced as part of Android M, it will work on KitKat and newer versions.

Functions new to Android Pay include the ability to tap to pay within apps. For apps that use the Pay API, you will only have to click "Buy with Android Pay" and leave the arduous typing of numbers and addresses to the automated system.

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Jawbone And American Express Announce UP4, A Wearable Fitness Tracker With Mobile Payments Sprinkled On Top

If you were wondering how long it would take the influence of the Apple Watch to be felt on the rest of the wearable world, the answer is "they didn't even wait for the thing to be released." Former Bluetooth headset leader and current wearable fitness also-ran Jawbone really wants to get in on that sweet mobile payment green, so they've partnered with American Express to include contactless payments on their latest fitness tracker, the UP4.


To be fair, the UP4 has charms beyond the ability to pay for your latte with a swipe of your wrist like the cool kids.

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Google And ChowNow Partner Up To Use Wallet For Mobile Payments At Thousands Of Independent Restaurants

Mobile payments are on the rise. Google has been working with companies for years, and with Apple Pay turning more consumers on to the idea, new opportunities to swipe your phone at a register or pay in advance are popping up left and right.

Now Google has partnered with ChowNow to bring Wallet to thousands of independent restaurants across the US. As of today, restaurants have updated their mobile apps to include Wallet as an additional option at checkout. Future businesses that work with ChowNow will offer integration from the beginning.


The move will hopefully serve as a win-win for everyone involved.

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Venmo Adds Two-Factor Authentication To Its Mobile Apps And The Web

Mobile payments app Venmo has been around for years now, but without two-factor authentication, security hasn't been as good as it could be. Fortunately the company is now getting around to changing that. Today it announced that it has added two-factor authentication to its mobile apps (Android and iOS) as well as the web.

When you attempt to sign into Venmo from a new phone, the service will send you a 6-digit code that you will need in order to get inside.

Venmo1 Venmo2

Going forward, Venmo will automatically enable this feature for anyone who uses the latest version of the app.

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Pay With OpenTable Comes To Android So You Don't Have To Wait For The Check

OpenTable announced its own mobile payment program just over a year ago, which it launched exclusively on iOS at the time. Now the feature is officially available for Android.

Pay with OpenTable, as the functionality is called, lets you pay your checks using the mobile app. There's nothing to scan or swipe in order for the experience to work. The restaurant will simply receive its money digitally from the credit card you have saved. So make sure you have that entered when you're making the reservation. It's a process you should only have to go through once.


The feature is limited to participating establishments in nearly two dozen cities.

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Facebook Unveils A Free Way For Friends To Exchange Money Using Messenger

Facebook has introduced a new way for friends to swap cash with one another that doesn't involve meeting in person, writing a check, or even opening up another app. With the new payments feature, they can send and receive money directly inside of Messenger. And it won't cost them a thing.

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