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[Update: Another 18] Android Pay expands to 21 more banks and credit unions

Android Pay is cool and all, but if your bank or credit union isn't supported, it really doesn't matter. You can't take part in the fun.

Many of the big banks gained support first, catching headlines and impacting the largest number of users. Now we're seeing Android Pay make its way out to many of the financial institutions that serve as bedrocks of their local communities.

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Android Pay officially launches in Australia

Google announced at the end of 2015 that Android Pay would arrive Down Under in the coming year. Seven months later, that time has come. Residents of Australia can now use Google's latest mobile payments solution to buy stuff using their phones.

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Android Pay just added 115 new banks (and no, not Capital One)

115 new banks have officially been added to the Android Pay's roster of supported financial institutions. Most of these are regional banks or credit unions, though - I'm not seeing any major national banks on this list (correct me if I missed one, of course). So even if your bank or credit union is a bit obscure, it's quite possible it could appear here - control+F carefully! Without further delay, the list, below.

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US Bank MasterCards Now Work With Android Pay And Samsung Pay

US Bank was one of the launch partners for Android Pay, but not every card worked. Using a Visa? You were good to go. A MasterCard? Not so much.

That's changing. Today US Bank announced that MasterCard holders can now use Android Pay.

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Square Introduces Android Register API To Integrate Mobile Payments With Other Apps

Square, the company that makes those little headphone jack credit card readers, would like you to use their services more. Of course they would - that's kind of the whole point of commerce. But at the moment merchants using Square are limited to the dedicated Square app, which by default is a sort of digital cash register. The company is hoping to expand itself a bit with its latest API, which allows developers to integrate Square payments into their independent Android apps.

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Google Launches Hands Free Payment Pilot Program In San Francisco's South Bay

Google long ago teased Hands Free, a way to make mobile payments without even having to reach for your phone. Now it's launching a pilot program in the southern San Francisco Bay Area.

Hands Free uses Bluetooth low energy, Wi-Fi, and location services to communicate with cash registers inside participating stores. Right now those partners are McDonald's, Papa John's, and some local restaurants.

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Samsung Pay Adds Compatibility With Wells Fargo Debit Cards And Credit Cards

Samsung continues to push its Pay platform on every front, and according to the latest press release, it's working. The company claims that "about five million users" have used Samsung Pay to spend more than half a billion dollars. That's probably thanks to Samsung's unique system that doesn't require retailers to buy new payment processing hardware. A wide array of compatible banks, credit unions, and credit card companies probably doesn't hurt. Today Samsung announced that Wells Fargo, one of the largest American banks, is joining the program.

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With SmartSD, The SD Association Wants To Adapt MicroSD Cards To Make Mobile Payments

For mobile payments to really take off, the functionality needs to be available to far more than merely the latest devices. For this reason, the SD Association, a non-profit that sets memory card standards, is pushing a means to use microSD cards to make otherwise incompatible devices compatible.

The SD association calls this technology smartSD. The technology apparently enables a secure element for Host Card Emulation, a necessary step for creating digital copies of payment cards the way we've seen in Google Wallet and Android Pay. SmartSD uses a device's native NFC, removing the need to embed such technology into the card directly.

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Google's 'Tap 10' Android Pay Promo Could Net You A Free Chromecast And Some Tunes

Google has been running some Android Pay promos lately, a stark contrast to the Google Wallet days when Google pretended mobile payments didn't exist. Last month there was the Best Buy gift card deal, and now you can get some freebies simply by using your phone to pay 10 times between now and the end of February. There are some caveats, of course.


Samsung Pay Now Supports Chase, SunTrust, And Six Additional Credit Unions—New Users Are Eligible For A $100 Coupon Code

Samsung Pay and mobile payment services of its ilk are only as good as the credit and debit cards they support. If you can't insert your bank or credit union into the app, you're still left swiping every time you get ready to spend money. Today Samsung has announced eight additional partners.

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