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71 new US banks and credit unions add Android Pay support

Android Pay is continuing its expansion in the US by reaching more and more banks and credit unions. At this point, most of the major players are on board, so most of what we keep seeing with each addition are small to medium regional institutions that are joining the fold.

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Alipay mobile payments are coming to the US via First Data's Clover

Chinese mobile payment company Alipay, an affiliate of the more famous Alibaba Group, is making efforts to bring their mobile payment platform into the US, via a partnership with US company First Data Corp. With acceptance at over six million merchants, First Data is allegedly the world's largest provider of payment processing services. That footprint will give Alipay a huge advantage with their expansion into the competitive US market.

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PayPal is adding Venmo as a payment option

PayPal has revealed today that it will be adding Venmo as an option during checkout. For now, it will be opt-in for users of Venmo and will manifest itself with the same convenience as PayPal. During the checkout process, users will be able to select Venmo with no changes required by sellers. There is no additional cost to the customer or retailer to use Venmo over PayPal.

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[Update: 5 more] Another 13 banks add Android Pay support

Hot on the heels of Simple adding support for Android Pay, we have another list of (smaller) banks that have stepped up to our preferred mobile payment platform. With the 35 and 9 added in February, the 51 in March, and at least 46 in January this is shaping up to be a big year for Android Pay.

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LG Pay should go live in Korea in June, first supported device is the LG G6

Sometimes it's hard to defend LG and its "me-too" strategy of always trying to launch the exact same thing Samsung does, but several months or years later. This case is another example, although the details do appear a little encouraging in LG's favor.

The company has officially announced today that it made an agreement with Dynamics Inc., a US-based company that has developed a Wireless Magnetic Communication technology that's similar to Samsung's MST but with a different algorithm, to start using said tech in LG Pay. The service is supposed to launch in South Korea in June, with the first official phone being the G6 since it already has all the necessary hardware. A firmware update may bring LG Pay to other devices later in the year as well.

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Samsung officially launches Samsung Pay for everyone in India

After weeks of teasing Samsung Pay in India, the service was made available to testers earlier this month, but today it's been officially announced for everyone.

Owners of supported Galaxy devices in India will be able to install the Samsung Pay app today and add VISA, Mastercard, and American Express cards issued by Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, SBI, and Standard Chartered Bank, with Citibank India to follow shortly. Digital wallet Paytm is also supported, as well the Indian government's new Unified Payments Interface.

Then, users will be able to tap to pay at various retailers using either NFC or Samsung's Magnetic Secure Transmission technology, which is the most prevalent across POS machines in India. The announcement doesn't say which Galaxy devices are supported, but your best bet based on previous countries' Pay launches are flagships from the last year or two and high midrange devices from the last year.

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Android Pay's Play Store listing updated to show off Wear payments


Chase Pay is now live, but currently only works at Starbucks and Best Buy

We've been hearing about Chase Pay for about a year, which is also when Chase announced it wouldn't support Android Pay until "sometime in 2016." Well, we just got Android Pay a few months ago, and here comes Chase Pay too. It was previously in beta testing, but now it's open to all Chase customers in the US. Do you need another mobile payment platform? Probably not, but Chase is giving it a shot anyway.

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Weekend poll: Do you make NFC payments?

NFC payments have seen a slow but steady rise here in the US in the past few years. While far from achieving global penetration, systems like Android Pay and Apple Pay have actually become pretty commonplace in many large retail chains and even some small businesses via checkout services like Square in America. I'd say I'm using Android Pay, personally, about half the time I'm interacting with a card terminal these days.

But I know it's not like that for everybody, and that other systems like Samsung Pay, or some specific to certain banks in some countries, do exist. So I'm curious if you use NFC (and/or MST) and, specifically, which system you use.

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[APK Download] Chrome for Android Beta 53 enables the new Payment Request API, allows muted video to auto-play

There are some neat things coming to Chrome in the future, and if you'd like to test them out before everyone else, you're probably already using either the Beta or the Dev version of the Android app. Keep an eye on the former: it's getting some of said features right now. The most interesting addition in version 53 is a new API for quickly checking out on mobile online purchases. It's sort of like the streamlined payment options already offered by PayPal and Visa, but it works with any payment system and it's built into the browser. Check it out in the video below:

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