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Android Pay set to launch in the Czech Republic on November 14

Android Pay seems set to launch in Brazil next week, and it looks like that may not be the only country where the payment service will be rolling out to on November 14. According to press invites, Google will also be hosting an event in Prague on that same day where it will likely be revealing details on the expansion of Android Pay into the Czech Republic.

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Android Pay might officially launch in Brazil on November 14

Android Pay's arrival in Brazil has been rumored for a long time, but back in May, Google confirmed that it would be live by the end of the year in a few countries amongst which was Brazil. Most of those already have Pay, so Brazilian users have been waiting, but they won't be put off for a lot longer apparently.

It seems that Google has started issuing invites to the press in Brazil for the launch event, which will take place on November 14. The first partners are rumored to be Banco do Brasil, Bradesco, Itaú e Caixa, Mastercard, Visa, Elo, and Porto Seguro.

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Android Pay adds Monzo in the UK, but only for current account holders

If you're outside the UK, you're unlikely to have heard of Monzo. It's a so-called challenger bank, one of the several startups attempting to disrupt the banking industry in the UK. It's all based around its excellent app – there are no branches. It's pretty popular, too, with the majority of my London-based friends seemingly signed up for the service.

To begin with it was just a prepaid MasterCard that you would need to top up from your normal bank account. The benefit of doing so is that the Monzo app is great for budgeting, monitoring spending, and quickly paying friends.

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'Pay with Google' is now live for select retailers and apps, more coming soon

At Google I/O back in May, the company announced the Google Payment API, It promised a new way to pay in apps or online with any debit or credit card linked to your Google account. It's similar to how we can already make purchases using Android Pay, with the bonus of not being tied exclusively to Android devices or the Android Pay app. The final "Pay with Google" implementation is now ready to go, and it's available right now with a number of different retailers.

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Visa Checkout integration in Android Pay is now live, one year after it was announced

This time last year, Google confirmed that it was working to add support for Visa Checkout and Masterpass to Android Pay. The aim was to have the services integrated in early 2017, but we've not heard much about it since. There was evidence of Visa Checkout on Google's payment platform in a demo at I/O in May, but it remained to be seen when it would go live for users.

While the Android website shows that PayPal is already supported, it still has a 'Coming Soon' note by Visa Checkout, although we believe that was added recently and as a precursor to today's news.

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[Update: Synchrony Financial] Android Pay adds 14 new institutions in the United States

Android Pay is always striving to add new banks and credit unions, and in the case of the United States there's an awful lot to get through. Just recently, 24 new institutions were added to the service, and now a further 16 have also made the cut. You should be notified by your bank when they add support for Android Pay to your card, but just in case, why not take a look at the list to see if you're one of the lucky ones.

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[Deal Alert] Get $5 Dunkin' Donuts gift card when you use Android Pay three times

Google really wants you to use Android Pay. Dunkin' Donuts really wants you to get hooked on its donuts and/or coffee. That's sometimes all it takes in the world of commercial tie-ins, and sure enough, that's how this deal was born. A free $5 gift card for Dunkin' Donuts is up for grabs, and all you have to do is use Android Pay a few times.

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Android Pay in Spain adds support for American Express and one Edenred card

Android Pay launched in Spain two months ago, and today Google has updated the Pay support site to indicate the addition of two new card issuers: American Express and Edenred.

American Express cards that are supported include the Active Consumer, Business, and Corporate cards. The one Edenred card that is supported is the Ticket Restaurant Card, so maybe that's popular in Spain? I'm really not sure, but all other Edenred cards remain unsupported for now. But Amex support is probably welcome news for a significant number of people.

American Express also announced it on their website, here. This is in addition to the already large number of BBVA cards supported by Android Pay in the country that were part of the service's launch there.

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Tez, Google's new mobile payments app for India, is official [APK Download]

We all know Android Pay as Google's mobile payments app, but to date, it still only supports 14 countries. In India, however, the landscape is a little different, leading Google to develop Tez, an India-exclusive app that will allow users to make payments, split bills, and more.

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Google is readying a new payment service for India called Tez

Android Pay has become a popular method of digital payment since its launch in the US and Europe. It hasn't been launched in India, however, where the mobile payments landscape is a bit different. A government-endorsed platform called UPI (Universal Payments Interface) is widely used in India, with banks, e-commerce sites, and even tech companies like WhatsApp and Truecaller launching payment services based on it, hoping to grab a slice of the lucrative pie. Google is almost ready to enter this crowded space, with the launch rumored to be happening on Monday September 18th.

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