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Google Pay growth continues unchecked with these 119 new US banks (Update: 28 more)

It's been several weeks since we last checked in to see the progress Google was making towards its apparent goal of signing every single financial institution in America up for Google Pay support. Unsurprisingly, Google's been very busy throughout this period, and today we're looking at all the new banks ready to work with the service.

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[Update: Official] Google Pay lets you buy IRCTC train tickets in India

Google Pay for India, né Tez, is a convenient mobile payment option, and it keeps adding new features. The most recent is the ability to buy IRCTC train tickets directly from the app — no need for any additional app.

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Google Pay has launched in Chile with CMR Falabella

After expanding to the Nordics a few weeks ago, Google Pay is taking a small trip across the Atlantic and going south to a much warmer country, Chile. The weather is great, the views are gorgeous, and now Chileans can sip on their Borgoña or Chicha then conveniently pay for them using their smartphone.

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Google Pay launches in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden

Google Pay is continuing its expansion to various countries around the world. Today marks its official landing in four new nations in the Nordics: Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. With these additions, Google's mobile payment service is now available in 25 countries total.

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[Update: APK Download] Tez, Google's mobile payment platform in India, gets rebranded to Google Pay

Naming and branding things isn't Google's forte. One day a service is launched, the next it's renamed, and the third it's rolled into another service, which then gets rebranded again. That was the story for Google Wallet and Android Pay, until they were unified into Google Pay. Now Google Tez is also joining them under the same umbrella.

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Samsung Pay launches today in Italy

It must be a happy day for Italian Android users today. Google Home and Home Mini showed up on the Google Store just this morning and now Samsung is officially announcing the launch of Samsung Pay in the country. The news doesn't come as a surprise since rumors had pegged a Samsung Pay launch in Italy for the beginning of 2018.

And right on cue, Samsung has now expanded its mobile payment service to its 21st market worldwide. Seven Italian banks appear to be launch partners: Banca Mediolanum, BNL, CheBanca!, Hello Bank!, Banca Intesa Sanpaolo, Nexi, and UniCredit. Some retailers are also on board with their loyalty programs and up to 20% exclusive discounts: Bennet, Day Break Hotels, EF Education, Esselunga, Ikea, Leroy Merlin, Moleskine, Penny Market, and Prenatal.

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Google Pay on Wear OS officially spreads to three new countries

When you're itching to try out a new feature on your favorite mobile device, there's little that sucks more than facing a geographical restriction; while your friends abroad are playing with the latest and greatest tech, you're stuck twiddling your thumbs and waiting until the powers that be decide to let you in on the action. Earlier today we noted that one of these restrictions appeared to be lessening, as some Huawei Watch 2 users who were shut out when an update disabled Google Pay (then Android Pay) outside the US and the UK started getting their access back—that was a clue, but not the whole story.

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Android Pay is now available in Czech Republic and Brazil

Following rumors that Google's digital wallet service Android Pay would be launching this month in Brazil and the Czech Republic, Google has made the news official today. With the Brazilian launch, this is Android Pay's first foray into South America.

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Android Pay starts showing full purchase history for supported cards

Many months ago, Cody predicted through his all-seeing eye (and some strings in the app teardown, but I prefer to think of Cody's powers as absolute magic - is there a thing the guy doesn't know beforehand?) that the Android Pay app would start showing full transaction histories on your supported cards, even for those transactions where Pay wasn't used.

Now it looks like the option has started showing up through a server-side switch as reported by u/shiruken. There's a toggle to enable or disable the option for supported cards in the Android Pay app, and when enabled, it will display all your transactions on that card, regardless of how the transaction was performed: Pay, the card itself, or some other medium.

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Android Pay officially expands to Japan

Google is slowly but surely expanding its Android Pay platform to more territories. Today Japan gets access - if you're in the country you should be able to download the app from the Play Store for the first time on Android 4.4 or later. Google's retail partners in Japan include McDonalds, Dominoes, Lawson, Mini-Stop, Apita, Family Mart, and Coca-Cola vending machines, along with a handful of Japan-exclusive retailers. 

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